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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
6th Nov 20162016 Start Cycles ND(H)uro #3Kidland19-292/2696%10:59.17
21st Aug 2016Northern Downhill - Trail bike TTWeardale19-293/1282%2:36.50
14th Aug 20162016 Pearce Cycles #5BucknellSenior35/8760%2:08.01
26th Jul 2015Antur Stiniog - Antur Stiniog Gwyl DHFfest '15Antur StiniogSenior5/5292%2:49.72
19th Jul 2015Borderline Events - UK National Champs '15LlangollenSenior Non-ChampsDurham University13/5578%2:25.78
14th Jun 20152015 Pearce Cycles #3Rhyd y FelinSeniorDurham University25/10076%3:15.94
19th Apr 2015BUCS - DH Student Champs '15InnerleithenOpenDurham University27/31092%3:45.10
22nd Mar 20152015 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSeniorDurham University27/10876%2:24.23
7th Sep 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #3Forest of DeanSenior6/4488%1:00.40
31st Aug 20142014 Borderline Events UK DH #3LlangollenSenior5/7094%2:14.60
20th Jul 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #2Forest of DeanSenior9/5084%1:16.02
6th Jul 20142014 Pearce Cycles #4BringewoodSeniorDurham University25/8371%2:36.42
19th Apr 2014BUCS - DH Student Champs '14CaerswsOpenDurham University16/18992%2:11.31
13th Apr 20142014 Pearce Cycles #1HoptonSeniorDurham University20/11183%2:21.29
30th Mar 20142013/14 661 Mini DH #4Forest of DeanSenior2/4298%1:07.27
23rd Feb 20142013/14 661 Mini DH #3Forest of DeanSenior14/8685%58.22s
1st Sep 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #5LlangollenJunior9/2769%2:05.42
28th Jul 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #2Forest of DeanJunior1/20100%1:16.80
5th May 20132013 Pearce Cycles #2Rhyd y FelinJunior15/2950%3:37.97
28th Apr 20132013 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodJunior11/2964%2:20.65
7th Apr 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #1Forest of DeanJunior13/2448%1:56.11
24th Feb 20132012/13 661 Mini DH #3Forest of DeanJunior4/4193%1:32.91
20th Oct 2012Pearce Events - Charity DH & Midland ChampsHoptonJunior8/1236%2:43.22
29th Jan 20122011/12 661 Mini DH #2Forest of DeanJunior13/3666%1:04.58
4th Dec 20112011/12 661 Mini DH #1Forest of DeanYouth10/6285%1:11.42
25th Sep 20112011 WDMBA #4RheolaYouth24/240%8:37.80
13th Mar 20112011 MIJ #1Taff BuggyYouth19/2936%2:31.43
20th Feb 20112010/11 661 Mini DH #3Forest of DeanYouth10/2968%1:25.92
23rd Jan 20112010/11 661 Mini DH #2Forest of DeanYouth25/4950%1:07.98
28th Feb 20102009/10 661 Mini DH #3Forest of DeanYouth29/5245%1:35.99
31st Jan 20102009/10 661 Mini DH #2Forest of DeanYouth26/4948%1:24.75