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Date  RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
bookmark2nd Jun 20182018 4x Pro Tour #3Fort WilliamElite10014474202 & 199535FARMER JOHNS MTB RACING TEAM30 / 5142%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark11th Mar 20182018 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryChicksandsElite2414 / 1613%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark10th Sep 2017Farmer John - Farmer John's Race Weekend - Sunday DHphoto_libraryFarmer John's, Stockport19-2977FJ MTB TEAM27 / 3626%2:01.451:33.1330.4%1:33.1330.4%
bookmark9th Sep 2017Farmer John - Farmer John's Race Weekend - Night Racephoto_libraryFarmer John's, Stockport19-2977FJ MTB TEAM11 / 2252%36.78s32.65s12.7%32.65s12.7%
bookmark3rd Sep 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #7photo_library417 ProjectElite24Knowsley BMX Club10 / 1218%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark20th Aug 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #6photo_libraryFalmouth 4xElite24Knowsley BMX Club10 / 1431%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark29th Jul 2017British 4x - 4x National Champsphoto_libraryMoelfreElite100144742022411 / 1841%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark25th Jun 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #4photo_libraryRedhillElite2412 / 138%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark3rd Jun 20172017 4x Pro Tour #3photo_libraryFort WilliamElite10014474202 & 199545FARMER JOHNS MTB RACING32 / 4935%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark7th May 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryAfanElite24Knowsley BMX Club7 / 1245%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark16th Apr 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryHarthillElite24Knowsley BMX Club12 / 1521%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark12th Mar 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryChicksandsElite2411 / 2252%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark23rd Oct 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #7photo_libraryHarthill18-29242 / 2095%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark24th Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #6photoFalmouth 4x19-29242 / 1089%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark23rd Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #5photo_libraryFalmouth 4x19-29247 / 1660%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark2nd Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #4417 Project19-29242 / 1693%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark19th Jun 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryRedhill19-29246 / 1044%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark4th Jun 20162016 4x Pro Tour #3Fort WilliamEliteGBR1995062430Dragon BMX Racing30 / 326%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark30th Apr 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryAfan19-29242 / 1291%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark9th Aug 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #5Falmouth 4x19-292411 / 1738%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark8th Aug 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #4Falmouth 4x19-29244 / 1579%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark14th Jun 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #3Redhill19-292411 / 3369%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Jun 20152015 4x Pro Tour #2Fort WilliamEliteGBR199506242722 / 4148%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark17th May 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #2Afan19-29?Knowsley BMX Club2 / 2095%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark12th Apr 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #1Harthill19-292411 / 1944%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark21st Sep 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #7Leamington SpaSenior246 / 1564%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark10th Aug 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #6Falmouth 4xSenior2415 / 1713%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark9th Aug 2014Naked Racing - 4x UK National Champs '14Falmouth 4xProGBR199506242421 / 2723%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark20th Jul 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #5BridgnorthSenior2412 / 1731%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark19th Jul 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #4BridgnorthSenior2412 / 1627%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Jul 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryRedhillSenior2414 / 1824%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark7th Jun 20142014 4x Pro Tour #3Fort WilliamProGBR199506248326 / 3424%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark4th May 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryAfanSenior2410 / 1847%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Apr 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryHarthillSenior2413 / 2140%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark1st Dec 20132013/14 661 Mini DH #1photo_libraryForest of Dean19-29105Knowsley BMX Club81 / 888%1:26.791:05.3032.9%1:03.4236.9%
bookmark16th Sep 20122012 Euro 4x #3AfanFun2615 / 1056%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark12th Aug 20122012 British 4x #6South West ExtremeFun: 12-16?Eastlands Velo3 / 975%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark11th Aug 20122012 British 4x #5South West ExtremeFun: 12-16?2 / 988%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark1st Jul 20122012 British 4x #3RedhillFun26115 / 2026%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark29th Apr 20122012 British 4x #2PenshurstFun: 12-16?2 / 1190%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark1st Apr 20122012 British 4x #1photo_libraryLeamington SpaFun: 12-162612 / 886%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark29th Jan 20122011/12 661 Mini DH #2photo_libraryForest of Dean17-1811335 / 363%1:26.8959.63s45.7%57.19s51.9%
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