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Date  RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
30th Jul 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #5photo_libraryMoelfreElite642 / 1291%n/a (4x)0%0%
29th Jul 2017British 4x - 4x National Champsphoto_libraryMoelfreElite10009565796x642 / 1894%n/a (4x)0%0%
3rd Jun 20172017 4x Pro Tour #3photo_libraryFort WilliamElite10009565796x & 199627 Protection / Nukeproof / Royal4 / 4994%n/a (4x)0%0%
28th May 20172017 Enduro World Series #4photoCarrick, Co. WicklowOpen204- / 2480%23:57.480%23:57.480%
7th May 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryAfanElite642 / 1291%n/a (4x)0%0%
16th Apr 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryHarthillElite643 / 1586%n/a (4x)0%0%
8th Apr 20172017 4x Pro Tour #1Azur Bike ParkOpen10009565796x & 213NUKE PROOF BIKES8 / 5286%n/a (4x)0%0%
12th Mar 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryChicksandsElite649 / 2262%n/a (4x)0%0%
23rd Oct 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #7photo_libraryHarthillElite541 / 12100%n/a (4x)0%0%
16th Oct 20162016 One Industries Mini Enduro #3photo_libraryForest of DeanElite6Action Sports Timing3 / 660%7:47.017:36.862.2%7:31.343.5%
2nd Oct 20162016 4x Pro Tour #5Azur Bike go to site4 / 3090%n/a (4x)0%0%
24th Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #6photo_libraryFalmouth 4xElite32 / 1089%n/a (4x)0%0%
23rd Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #5photo_libraryFalmouth 4xElite3Action Sports Timing5 / 1056%n/a (4x)0%0%
2nd Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #4417 go to site2 / 1392%n/a (4x)0%0%
25th Jun 2016British 4x - 4x National ChampsMoelfreElite32 / 2496%n/a (4x)0%0%
19th Jun 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryRedhillElite3Action Sports Timing7 / 1140%n/a (4x)0%0%
4th Jun 20162016 4x Pro Tour #3Fort WilliamEliteGBR19960209x9Action Sports Timing13 / 3261%n/a (4x)0%0%
15th May 20162016 4x Pro Tour #2WinterbergEliteGBR19960209x68Action Sports Timing / go to site26 / 7265%n/a (4x)0%0%
30th Apr 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryAfanElite643 / 1485%n/a (4x)0%0%
29th Nov 20152015 Welsh Gravity Enduro go to site7 / 1033%16:26.4515:40.644.9%15:06.138.9%
31st Oct 2015Mini Enduro - Enduro Night RaceLlandeglaSenior3244 / 5194%6:44.506:11.938.8%6:11.938.8%
18th Oct 20152015 One Industries Mini Enduro #3photo_libraryForest of go to site6 / 1462%6:34.126:13.185.6%6:13.185.6%
6th Sep 20152015 4x Pro Tour #5MalmedyEliteGBR19960209x8Action Sports Timing7 / 3683%n/a (4x)0%0%
9th Aug 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #5Falmouth 4xElite646 / 1358%n/a (4x)0%0%
8th Aug 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #4Falmouth 4xElite647 / 1350%n/a (4x)0%0%
14th Jun 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #3RedhillElite646 / 1769%n/a (4x)0%0%
6th Jun 20152015 4x Pro Tour #2Fort go to site11 / 4175%n/a (4x)0%0%
24th May 20152015 4x Pro Tour go to site28 / 7161%n/a (4x)0%0%
17th May 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #2AfanElite?3 / 1485%n/a (4x)0%0%
12th Apr 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #1HarthillElite642 / 988%n/a (4x)0%0%
24th Aug 20142014 4x Pro Tour go to site6 / 2074%n/a (4x)0%0%
9th Aug 2014Naked Racing - 4x UK National Champs '14Falmouth 4xProGBR19960209x648 / 2773%n/a (4x)0%0%
27th Jul 20142014 4x Pro Tour #5JablonecProGBR19960209x8024 / 4952%n/a (4x)0%0%
6th Jul 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryRedhillElite6415 / 150%n/a (4x)0%0%
28th Jun 20142014 4x Pro Tour #4Val di go to site27 / 4338%n/a (4x)0%0%
7th Jun 20142014 4x Pro Tour #3photo_libraryFort WilliamProGBR19960209x101Team Nakedracing6 / 3485%n/a (4x)0%0%
10th May 20142014 4x Pro Tour #1Szczawno-ZdrójProGBR19960209x1625 / 5152%n/a (4x)0%0%
1st Sep 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #6photo_libraryLeamington Spa17-181JTeam Nakedracing1 / 12100%n/a (4x)0%0%
13th Jul 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #5Bridgnorth17-181JTeam Nakedracing5 / 1056%n/a (4x)0%0%
23rd Jun 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #4photo_libraryRedhill17-181J1 / 10100%n/a (4x)0%0%
8th Jun 20132013 4x Pro Tour #2Fort go to site28 / 5146%n/a (4x)0%0%
2nd Jun 20132013 Euro 4x go to site40 / 400%n/a (4x)0%0%
1st Jun 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryHarthill17-181J1 / 10100%n/a (4x)0%0%
21st Apr 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #2Falmouth 4x17-181YTeam Nakedracing1 / 8100%n/a (4x)0%0%
16th Sep 20122012 Euro 4x #3Afan15-161YTeam Nakedracing1 / 7100%n/a (4x)0%0%
12th Aug 20122012 British 4x #6South West Extreme15-16?1 / 11100%n/a (4x)0%0%
11th Aug 20122012 British 4x #5South West Extreme15-16?5 / 950%n/a (4x)0%0%
15th Jul 2012Naked Racing - National 4x ChampionshipsHarthill15-161YTeam Nakedracing1 / 9100%n/a (4x)0%0%
14th Jul 20122012 British 4x #4Harthill15-161YTeam Nakedracing2 / 783%n/a (4x)0%0%
1st Jul 20122012 British 4x #3photoRedhill15-161YTeam Nakedracing2 / 1693%n/a (4x)0%0%
29th Apr 20122012 British 4x #2photo_libraryPenshurst15-16?1 / 12100%n/a (4x)0%0%
1st Apr 20122012 British 4x #1photo_libraryLeamington Spa15-161Y3 / 1282%n/a (4x)0%0%
14th Aug 20112011 British 4x #6South West Extreme15-16356Team Nakedracing2 / 1492%n/a (4x)0%0%
13th Aug 20112011 British 4x #5South West Extreme15-16356Team Nakedracing5 / 1469%n/a (4x)0%0%
16th Jul 20112011 British 4x #4Harthill15-16356Team Nakedracing3 / 1485%n/a (4x)0%0%
28th May 20112011 British 4x #3Afan15-16356Team Nakedracing2 / 1492%n/a (4x)0%0%
12th Sep 20102010 NPS 4x #6Chicksands12-141491 / 11100%n/a (4x)0%0%
14th Aug 20102010 NPS 4x #5South West Extreme12-141495 / 1367%n/a (4x)0%0%
25th Jul 20102010 NPS 4x #4Penshurst12-141494 / 1067%n/a (4x)0%0%
27th Jun 20102010 NPS 4x #3Redhill12-14149Five Two Race Team5 / 1056%n/a (4x)0%0%
29th May 20102010 NPS 4x #2Harthill12-141491 / 8100%n/a (4x)0%0%