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nzDaniel SIMS

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
4th Sep 2016UCI - Masters World Championships '16Val di Sole30-34DUNBAR CYCLES ONLINE24/8773%4:24.32
24th Jul 2016Canadian Cycling - Canadian National Champs '16Sun Peaks, BCEliteDunbar Cycles20/5162%5:14.90
17th Jul 20162016 BC Cup #3Panorama Resort, BCEliteDunbar Cycles13/4874%3:31.76
3rd Jul 20162016 BC Cup #2 - Western OpenKicking Horse, BCEliteDunbar Cycles20/3747%4:19.17
30th Apr 2016Sea to Sky - Pemberton EnduroPemberton, BCOpen7/4185%30:53.98
30th Aug 20152015 BC Cup #5Fernie, BCEliteDunbar CyclesDNS/300%
12th Jul 2015Cycling BC - Canadian National Champs '15Sun Peaks, BCInternational EliteDunbar Cycles2/467%3:54.41
5th Jul 20152015 BC Cup #3Silver Star, BCEliteDunbar Cycles11/3772%2:58.09
28th Jun 20152015 BC Cup #2 & BC ChampsWhistler, BCElite16/3455%2:45.05
21st Jun 20152015 NW Cup #3Mt Hood, ORProDunbar Cycles11/3369%3:50.02
17th Aug 2014Crankworx - Canadian Open '14Whistler, BCProDunbar CyclesDNS/1300%
20th Jul 20142014 NW Cup #4Silver Star, BCEliteDunbar Cycles23/3841%3:08.27
22nd Jun 20142014 NW Cup #3Mt Hood, ORPro10/3976%3:49.16
1st Jun 20142014 BC Cup #2 - Race the RanchKamloops, BCEliteCycling BC4/3290%2:04.42
4th May 2014Cycling BC - Sunshine CoasterRoberts Creek, BC19-29Dunbar Cycles2/3097%2:51.77
2nd Mar 2014Cycling BC - FrostBIKESilver Star, BCSeniorDNF/380%
1st Sep 20132013 BC Cup #6 - Legendary SummerFernie, BCEliteDunbar Cycles4/1680%2:59.09
25th Aug 20132013 BC Cup #5Mt Washington, BCEliteDunbar Cycles4/1882%3:39.69
18th Aug 2013Crankworx - Canadian Open '13Whistler, BCProDunbar Cycles38/14474%3:02.15
4th Aug 20132013 BC Cup #4 - Western OpenKicking Horse, BCEliteDunbar CyclesDNS/230%
28th Jul 20132013 BC Cup #3 & BC ChampsSilver Star, BCEliteDunbar Cycles29/3210%3:38.46
7th Jul 20132013 BC Cup #2Sun Peaks, BCElite6/5090%4:29.51
2nd Jun 20132013 BC Cup #1 - Race the RanchKamloops, BCElite3/2993%1:46.85
28th Apr 20132013 NW Cup #2Port Angeles, WAPro40/7749%2:36.57
7th Apr 20132013 NW Cup #1Port Angeles, WAPro11/3974%2:51.47
3rd Mar 2013Cycling BC - FrostBIKESilver Star, BCElite2/1392%53.78s
15th Jul 20122012 BC Cup #3Sun Peaks, BCEliteDunbar Cycles3/2993%3:40.95
1st Jul 20122012 BC Cup #2 - Bear Mountain ChallengeMission, BCElite4/2487%4:15.49
6th May 2012Cycling BC - Sunshine CoasterRoberts Creek, BCEliteDunbar Cycles15/1818%3:05.11
29th Apr 20122012 NW Cup #2Port Angeles, WAProDunbar Cycles41/10160%2:47.04
11th Mar 2012UCI - Oceania Continental Champs '12RotoruaElite20/3950%3:23.56
29th Jan 2012MTBNZ - New Zealand National Champs '12Fringed Hill, NelsonElite20/3137%4:58.96
21st Jan 20122012 NZ MTB Cup #3Mt Hutt, ChristchurchElite25/3223%2:56.94
14th Jan 20122012 NZ MTB Cup #2Signal Hill, DunedinElite17/2841%3:57.70
9th Jan 20122012 NZ MTB Cup #1The Remarkables, QueenstownElite10/2867%2:33.50
29th Dec 20112011 NZDH #6RotoruaPro6/1255%3:22.11
28th Aug 20112011 BC Cup #7Hemlock, BCEliteDunbar Cycles1/26100%2:42.58
14th Aug 20112011 BC Cup #6 & BC ChampsMt Washington, BCElite1/23100%3:05.51
7th Aug 20112011 NW Cup #5Port Angeles, WAProDunbar Cycles3/1687%2:47.48
31st Jul 20112011 BC Cup #4 - Mad TrapperPanorama Resort, BCEliteDunbar Cycles8/3076%3:28.72
17th Jul 2011Crankworx - Canadian Open '11Whistler, BCProDunbar Cycles29/8165%3:17.50
3rd Jul 20112011 UCI World Cup #4Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite75/14147%5:12.03
19th Jun 20112011 BC Cup #2 - Bear Mountain ChallengeMission, BCElite6/3384%5:20.76
15th May 20112011 NW Cup #2Port Angeles, WAProDunbar Cycles5/2986%2:42.05
1st May 2011Cycling BC - Sunshine CoasterRoberts Creek, BCEliteDunbar Cycles13/1829%3:01.12
10th Apr 20112011 ProGRT #1Port Angeles, WAPro36/9161%3:06.75
27th Feb 2011MTBNZ - New Zealand National Champs '11Signal Hill, DunedinElite17/2841%3:19.93
19th Feb 20112011 NZ MTB Cup #6Living Springs, ChristchurchElite10/2664%3:24.17
12th Feb 20112011 NZ MTB Cup #5Fringed Hill, NelsonEliteDNF/290%
6th Feb 20112011 NZ MTB Cup #4Kaka Hill, NelsonElite12/2350%3:32.29
15th Jan 20112011 NZ MTB Cup #2NapierElite21/2620%3:45.20
8th Jan 20112011 NZ MTB Cup #1MTB TaurangaElite15/2233%2:09.18
1st Aug 20102010 UCI World Cup #5Val di SoleElite-/1990%
25th Jul 20102010 UCI World Cup #4ChampéryElite-/2060%
18th Jul 20102010 iXS Swiss Cup #2WiriehornElite19/8178%4:36.29
20th Jun 20102010 UCI World Cup #3LeogangElite-/2220%
6th Jun 20102010 UCI World Cup #2Fort WilliamElite-/1690%
30th May 20102010 iXS European Cup #1InnerleithenElite: LicenceRed Dog Racing48/15269%3:18.90
21st Mar 2010UCI - Oceania Continental Champs '10Signal Hill, DunedinElite14/2954%2:54.61
28th Feb 2010MTBNZ - New Zealand National Champs '10Mt Albert, WellingtonElite15/2746%2:49.49
17th Jan 20102010 NZ MTB Cup #2Signal Hill, DunedinEliteDNF/190%
9th Jan 20102010 NZ MTB Cup #1Living Springs, ChristchurchElite14/2032%3:59.56
29th Aug 20092009 ProGRT #5Whiteface, NYProTeam E-Brake16/4163%8:38.54
16th Aug 20092009 ProGRT #4Windham, NYProSMITH OPTI5/3588%3:04.24
2nd Aug 20092009 Nissan World Cup #7Bromont, QCElite-/1600%
26th Jul 20092009 Nissan World Cup #6Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite-/1570%
21st Jun 20092009 Mountain States Cup DH #2 Wildflower RushCrested Butte, COProBlueshark Ltd / Smith12/6382%3:47.48
25th May 20092009 Mountain States Cup DH #1 Chile ChallengeAngel Fire, NMProBlueshark Ltd / Smith26/10676%5:33.52
1st Mar 2009MTBNZ - New Zealand National Champs '09Kaka Hill, NelsonEliteDNS/310%
14th Feb 20092009 NZ MTB SI Cup #2Coronet Peak, QueenstownElite25/3325%3:15.50
25th Jan 20092009 NZ MTB NI Cup #3LevinElite13/2856%3:13.54
17th Jan 20092009 NZ MTB NI Cup #2RotoruaElite20/2314%5:31.40
4th Jan 20092009 NZ MTB NI Cup #1RotoruaElite13/2652%3:37.62
31st Aug 20082008 Nissan World Cup #6Stromlo, Canberra, ACTElite31/7057%2:58.77
16th Mar 2008UCI - Oceania Continental Champs '08Kaka Hill, NelsonElite23/4449%3:16.91
24th Feb 2008MTBNZ - New Zealand National Champs '08Long Gully, WellingtonElite13/2856%2:47.98
27th Jan 2007MTBNZ - New Zealand National Champs '07Fringed Hill, NelsonElite22/2822%4:31.42
27th Jan 2007MTBNZ - New Zealand National Champs '07Fringed Hill, NelsonSweeper2/467%5:41.71