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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
7th Jul 20132013 BC Cup #2Sun Peaks, BCElite28/5045%4:41.21
2nd Jun 20132013 BC Cup #1 - Race the RanchKamloops, BCElite6/2982%1:47.64
15th Jul 20122012 BC Cup #3Sun Peaks, BCElite4/2989%3:41.63
8th Jul 2012Canadian Cycling - Canadian National Champs '12Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite15/7280%4:45.82
1st Jul 20122012 BC Cup #2 - Bear Mountain ChallengeMission, BCElite22/249%4:39.86
29th Apr 20122012 BC Cup #1 - Race the RanchKamloops, BCElite1/26100%1:46.16
17th Apr 2011USAC - 2011 Sea Otter Classic (DH)Monterey, CAPro83/10823%2:31.86
5th Sep 2010UCI - World Championships '10Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCJuniorCanada20/4860%5:17.20
18th Jul 20102010 Canada Cup #2Panorama Resort, BCExpert: Juniorfull boar bike store / Knolly Bikes / Sun Peaks7/2575%3:15.22
11th Jul 2010Canadian Cycling - Canadian National Champs '10Panorama Resort, BCExpert: 17-18full boar bike store / Knolly Bikes / Sun Peaks6/2982%3:39.90
20th Jun 20102010 BC Cup #4 - Arduum ChallengeMission, BCJuniorfull boar bike store / Knolly Bikes4/4393%3:41.96
30th May 20102010 Fluidride Cup #1Whistler, BCCat 1: 15-18full boar bike store / Knolly Bikes / sun peak resort3/2692%3:13.48
23rd May 20102010 Quebec Cup #1Mont Tremblant, QCExpert: JuniorKnolly Bikes10/4780%4:28.25
25th Apr 20102010 BC Cup #1 - Race the RanchKamloops, BCJunior1/58100%1:58.40
18th Apr 2010USAC - 2010 Sea Otter Classic (DH)Monterey, CACat 1: 17-1811/5381%2:21.60
6th Sep 2009UCI - World Championships '09Stromlo, Canberra, ACTJuniorCanada-/420%
16th Aug 2009Crankworx - Canadian Open '09Whistler, BC16-18DNS/640%
26th Jul 20092009 Nissan World Cup #6Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite-/1570%
19th Jul 2009Canadian Cycling - Canadian National Champs '09Massif Du Sud, QCExpert: 17-18Evil Bikes / full boar bike store / Sun Peaks Resort3/3193%3:11.57
3rd May 20092009 Fluidride Cup #2Port Angeles, WACat 1: 0-18full boar bike store / Sun Peaks Resort7/5088%2:52.42
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Ragley bikes