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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
12th Jun 20152015 Funduro #3Whistler, BCOpen17/186%17:23.67
3rd Jun 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #2Whistler, BCOpen124/1358%4:39.09
27th May 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #1Whistler, BCOpen102/13424%3:41.54
16th Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #7Whistler, BCOpen71/8618%6:20.26
2nd Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #5Whistler, BCOpen121/1328%3:29.44
18th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #4Whistler, BCOpen95/12725%3:15.59
11th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #3Whistler, BCOpen87/11625%3:54.11
4th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #2Whistler, BCOpen123/1348%4:48.53
30th May 20142014 PhaSt Enduro #1Whistler, BCOpen17/2533%11:22.30
28th May 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #1Whistler, BCOpen76/11232%6:13.65
20th Apr 2013BUCS - DH Student Champs '13Combe SydenhamOpenUniversity of Southampton-/2600%
3rd Feb 20132012/13 661 Mini DH #2Forest of DeanSeniorGreen Oil / Inc.orporated / SUMBC72/8919%1:08.68
11th Nov 20122012/13 UKBP winter #1Okeford HillSenior28/3110%1:51.75
24th Mar 2012BUCS - Barefoot Wine MTB DH Champs '12RheolaOpenUniversity of Southampton-/2430%
26th Mar 2011DHEvents - Urban Downhill Charity EventPlymouth UniJuniorSouthampton Uni Mountain Bike11/1317%48.61s
12th Mar 2011BUCS - DH Student Champs '11MoelfreSeniorUniversity of SouthamptonDNS/3860%
9th May 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #4Tavi WoodlandsJunior2/350%1:44.25
25th Apr 2010DHEvents - Urban Downhill Charity EventPlymouth UniJunior9/1438%46.66s
4th Apr 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #3Tavi WoodlandsJunior3/550%1:24.22
7th Mar 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #2Tavi WoodlandsJunior8/1022%1:23.90
7th Feb 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #1Tavi WoodlandsJunior11/110%2:21.85