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R&R is my entire income, and as you might have guessed, at the moment things are looking pretty bleak.

If you'd like to support R&R and help ensure that it'll still be around when this is all over, please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!

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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 2020 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 (EWS Qualifier)photo_libraryGraythwaite50+251Benny Downhill9 / 1647%26:20.8018:41.7040.9%13:09.02100.4%
 Ard Events - Ard Moors Endurophoto_libraryLord Stones Country ParkEnduro: 50+275Benny Downhill16 / 4868%20:34.6717:24.4918.2%15:29.6132.8%
emoji_eventsArd Events - Ard Rock Endurophoto_librarySwaledaleSprint: 50+2158Team Benny Downhill1 / 54100%13:08.4513:08.450%n/an/a
emoji_eventsArd Events - Ard Rock Endurophoto_librarySwaledaleSprint: 50+2060Benny Downhill2 / 2696%13:04.5612:48.132.1%n/an/a
 2005 Dragon Downhill #4Rheola40+471Rolfs Pukker Parts6 / 1255%4:27.064:01.1710.7%3:00.5747.9%
 2005 Dragon Downhill #3Rheola40+471Rolfs Pukker Parts5 / 1056%4:22.874:00.819.2%3:06.7240.8%
 1998 SAMS #6Checkendon30-39108038 / 4618%2:24.391:57.7922.6%1:49.3132.1%
 SPC Promotions - Southern ChampsAston Hill30-391080DNF / 330%n/a1:58.90n/a1:54.45n/a
 1998 SAMS #5East Meon30-39108049 / 6019%2:12.781:51.1119.5%1:46.2225%
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