Carlos CANO

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8 events found

DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #4LousãElite10013339201 & 1994104- / 800%n/a3:54.29n/a3:54.29n/a
 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #3LousãElite10013339201 & 1994104- / 800%n/a3:55.24n/a3:55.24n/a
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #4VallnordElite10013339201 & 1994119- / 1310%n/a4:11.06n/a4:11.06n/a
 UEC - European Continental Champs '19Pampilhosa da SerraElite1001333920143BULL BIKES DH TEAM19 / 5265%3:23.403:13.505.1%3:13.505.1%
emoji_events2019 Portugal Cup #2Porto de MósElite1001333920176BULL BIKES DH TEAM2 / 5698%3:12.493:10.910.8%3:10.910.8%
 2019 Portugal Cup #1São Brás de AlportelElite1001333920176BULL BIKES DH TEAM16 / 6677%2:45.002:35.476.1%2:35.476.1%
 2018 Portugal Cup #2São Brás de AlportelElite10013339201109BULL BIKES DH TEAM21 / 8676%2:42.302:30.597.8%2:30.597.8%
 2012 Vodafone Portugal Cup #1São Brás de AlportelPromotion7925 / 8695%3:04.042:56.104.5%2:49.018.9%
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