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Riders detailed below are regularly within 3% of Charlie ALDRIDGE *

Note: these stats ONLY refer to the events where you were within 3% of each other, otherwise the table would list many many more riders. As such, it ignores events with bigger gaps, and the statistics shown refer only to the close results.

To keep matches relevant, only events from 2020/2021 are considered

23 nemeses found

Name Close resultsBeat Lost Beat% Lost%
Mario BAIR3123466compare »
Luca SCHATTI2020100compare »
Silas GRAF2020100compare »
Gustavo XAVIER DE OLIVEIRA PEREIRA2020100compare »
Andreas Emanuele VITTONE2115050compare »
Clement AUVIN2020100compare »
Remy DUQUESNE2020100compare »
Tyler ORSCHEL2201000compare »
Josef JELINEK2115050compare »
Stanislaw NOWAK2201000compare »
Fabio PUNTENER2020100compare »
Nick BURKI2020100compare »
Sean FLYNN2020100compare »
Harry BIRCHILL2201000compare »
Markus EYDT2201000compare »
Markus Kaad HEUER2115050compare »
Arne JANSSENS2115050compare »
Karol OSTASZEWSKI2115050compare »
Eitan LEVI2201000compare »
Esteban BAGNON2020100compare »
Hennadii MOISEIEV2115050compare »
Louis CHAZALY2201000compare »
Ulan BASTOS GALINSKI2115050compare »

*3% = 4 seconds on a 2 minute track, 10 seconds on a 5 minute track.

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