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gbThomas HINDLEY

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
29th Sep 2013Borderline Events - Escape to GisburnGisburn ForestSeniorPagemakers11/6284%12:05.00
18th Aug 20132013 UK Gravity Enduro #4Dyfi ForestSenior29/8868%20:12.89
12th May 20132013 One Industries Mini Enduro #2EastridgeSenior24/6162%8:06.10
18th Sep 20112011 Pearce Cycles #5BucknellSenior62/7416%2:44.27
31st Jul 20112011 Pearce Cycles #4BalaSenior60/9437%3:34.47
3rd Apr 20112011 Pearce Cycles #1HoptonSenior71/10935%3:01.72
12th Mar 2011BUCS - DH Student Champs '11MoelfreSeniorUniversity Of LiverpoolDNS/3860%
12th Sep 20102010 Pearce Cycles #6BucknellSenior84/918%2:43.60
25th Jul 20102010 Pearce Cycles #5HoptonSenior58/8129%3:00.83
16th May 20102010 Pearce Cycles #3 & Midland ChampsBringewoodSenior51/9144%2:30.28
25th Apr 20102010 Pearce Cycles #2HoptonSenior70/8619%2:46.94
28th Mar 20102010 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSenior71/9425%3:07.82

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