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gbAdam HICKS

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DateRaceVenueCategorySponsor PositionBeat %Best run
9th Mar 2008BUCS - Student Champs '08CwmcarnSeniorUniversity of Bath17/26394%3:39.76
6th Apr 20082008 Dragon Downhill #1CwmcarnSeniorUniversity of Bath43/8148%3:32.77
21st Oct 2007Sirrah D - Tredz DowntownPenarthSeniorUniversity of Bath50/8038%1:34.57
1st Mar 2009Simply Downhill - Wentwood TrophyWentwoodSeniorUniversity of Bath38/7449%2:22.80
22nd Mar 2009BUCS - Student Champs '09Okeford HillSeniorUniversity of Bath35/26387%1:36.88
14th Mar 20102010 MIJ #1Taff BuggySeniorUniversity of Bath25/4038%2:07.02
22nd Jun 20022002 Dragon Downhill #5GethinYouthWilts DH Sport27/3319%6:35.88
15th Jul 20122012 Pearce Cycles #4Rhyd y FelinSenior31/10371%3:56.90
16th Sep 20122012 Pearce Cycles #5BucknellSenior52/9043%2:15.75
3rd Feb 20132012/13 661 Mini DH #2Forest of DeanSenior25/8973%58.86s
10th Jul 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #4Whistler, BCOpen107/13621%4:27.14
27th Mar 20112011 Aston Hill #1Aston HillSenior15/10186%1:34.78
22nd Jul 2012BDS - UK National Champs '12MoelfreSenior Non-ChampsDNS/400%
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Renthal Cycling