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Date RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
bookmark11th Nov 20182018/19 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1Newnham Park17+154Clee Cycles1 / 34100%1h24:04.001h24:04.000%1h24:04.000%
bookmark12th Aug 20182018 Midlands XC #6photo_libraryDudmastonElite215Clee Cycles1 / 3100%1h27:15.001h27:15.000%1h27:15.000%
bookmark16th Jun 2018BDS - The Malverns MTB Festival - cross countryEastnor Deer ParkElite3951 / 8n/an/an/an/a
 13th May 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #3photo_libraryGlentressElite11Clee Cycles11 / 2355%1h49:20.001h37:10.0012.5%1h37:10.0012.5%
 25th Mar 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #1Sherwood PinesElite16Clee Cycles26 / 3424%1h59:11.001h45:47.0012.7%1h45:47.0012.7%
bookmark11th Feb 20182018 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1photo_libraryNewnham ParkExpert6021 / 10100%2h01:04.002h01:04.000%2h01:04.000%
 6th Aug 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #5photo_libraryRoyal Welsh ShowgroundElite13Clee Cycles6 / 2579%1h31:57.001h27:17.005.4%1h27:17.005.4%
 23rd Jul 2017British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '17photo_libraryCannock ChaseElite11Clee Cycles9 / 3677%1h50:27.001h43:07.007.1%1h43:07.007.1%
 15th Jul 20172017 Midlands XC #7Eckington WoodsElite251Clee Cycles4 / 4n/an/a1h17:50.00n/a1h17:50.00n/a
bookmark25th Jun 20172017 Midlands XC #6Rother Valley Country ParkElite172Clee Cycles1 / 3100%1h51:50.001h51:50.000%1h51:50.000%
bookmark24th Jun 20172017 Midlands XC #5photo_libraryParkwood SpringsElite230Clee Cycles3 / 433%1h18:54.001h16:38.003%1h16:38.003%
 11th Jun 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #4Dalby ForestElite12Clee Cycles13 / 2957%1h42:59.001h36:03.007.2%1h36:03.007.2%
bookmark21st May 20172017 Midlands XC #4photo_libraryDudmastonElite300Clee Cycles1 / 4100%1h43:12.001h43:12.000%1h43:12.000%
 14th May 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #3photo_libraryAskeElite12Clee Cycles9 / 3274%1h39:49.001h34:48.005.3%1h34:48.005.3%
 30th Apr 2017Dyfi MTB Events - Howies Dyfi EnduoDyfi ForestFull course: 18-29799n/a (sportive)n/a2h27:19.00n/an/an/an/a
 23rd Apr 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #2photo_libraryWasingElite13Clee Cycles11 / 3974%1h35:59.001h33:59.002.1%1h33:59.002.1%
 9th Apr 2017BUCS - DH Student Champs '17photo_libraryInnerleithenOpen200Plymouth Uni16 / 21293%3:18.382:54.6413.6%2:54.6413.6%
 2nd Apr 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #1Pembrey Country ParkElite24Clee Cycles7 / 3783%1h47:06.001h46:01.001%1h46:01.001%
bookmark26th Feb 20172017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #2Newnham ParkSenior242Clee Cycles1 / 22100%1h30:41.001h30:41.000%1h30:41.000%
 12th Feb 20172017 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring #1photo_libraryAfanElite4Clee Cycles6 / 60%6:27.055:25.9918.7%5:25.9918.7%
 29th Jan 20172017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1Newnham Park19-39199Clee Cycles33 / 34n/an/a1h13:47.00n/a1h13:47.00n/a
bookmark7th Aug 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #5photo_libraryCannock ChaseExpert202Clee Cycles2 / 3897%1h29:22.001h27:56.001.6%1h40:52.00-11.4%
bookmark31st Jul 20162016 Midlands XC #6photo_libraryDudmastonExpert101Clee Cycles1 / 13100%1h19:27.001h19:27.000%1h19:27.000%
 17th Jul 2016British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '16photo_libraryCathkin Braes Country ParkU23111Clee Cycles10 / 1640%1h43:44.001h29:44.0015.6%1h43:10.000.6%
 9th Jul 20162016 Midlands XC #5EastridgeExpert129Clee Cycles4 / 7n/an/a1h36:12.00n/a1h31:07.00n/a
bookmark12th Jun 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #4Fforest FieldsExpert205Clee Cycles1 / 40100%1h35:33.001h35:33.000%1h45:49.00-9.7%
bookmark4th Jun 20162016 Midlands XC #4Eckington WoodsExpert149Clee Cycles1 / 15100%1h18:49.001h18:49.000%1h15:57.003.8%
bookmark15th May 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #3Dalby ForestExpert212Clee Cycles1 / 41100%1h13:22.001h13:22.000%1h25:18.00-14%
bookmark8th May 20162016 Welsh MTB XC #3Fforest FieldsExpert290Clee Cycles1 / 13100%1h31:29.001h31:29.000%1h48:32.00-15.7%
bookmark24th Apr 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #2photo_libraryNewnham ParkExpert233Clee Cycles3 / 4495%1h35:35.001h31:19.004.7%1h42:54.00-7.1%
bookmark17th Apr 20162016 Welsh MTB XC #2Royal Welsh ShowgroundExpert281 / 9100%1h08:19.001h08:19.000%1h17:16.00-11.6%
 3rd Apr 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #1Pembrey Country ParkExpert150Clee Cycles50 / 50n/an/a1h34:36.00n/a1h42:43.00n/a
bookmark13th Mar 20162016 Midlands XC #1Sherwood PinesExpert244Clee Cycles1 / 19100%1h36:07.001h36:07.000%1h53:37.00-15.4%
 28th Feb 2016Run and Ride - Winter ClassicphotoCannock ChaseElite1114Clee Cycles- / 23n/an/an/an/a
 16th Aug 20152015 British Cycling MTB XC #5Cannock ChaseExpert420Clee Cycles16 / 4667%1h22:31.001h17:22.006.7%1h30:56.00-9.3%
bookmark9th Aug 20152015 Midlands XC #7DudmastonExpert16Clee Cycles1 / 15100%1h25:44.001h25:44.000%1h37:13.00-11.8%
 12th Jul 20152015 Midlands XC #6EastridgeExpert20Clee Cycles11 / 2047%1h52:14.001h28:18.0027.1%1h48:02.003.9%
bookmark14th Jun 20152015 Midlands XC #4Wyre ForestExpert112Clee Cycles1 / 14100%1h37:54.001h37:54.000%1h52:29.00-13%
 17th May 20152015 British Cycling MTB XC #3photo_libraryFforest FieldsExpert227Clee Cycles13 / 6682%1h32:28.001h24:43.009.2%1h34:16.00-1.9%
 10th May 20152015 Midlands XC #2photo_libraryHarlow WoodExpert31Clee Cycles / KCNC9 / 2262%1h44:15.001h37:48.006.6%1h33:34.0011.4%
 19th Apr 20152015 British Cycling MTB XC #2Newnham ParkExpert223Clee Cycles25 / 6764%1h26:39.001h17:39.0011.6%1h26:22.000.3%
 12th Apr 20152015 Midlands XC #1Cannock ChaseExpert316Clee Cycles11 / 2863%1h23:03.001h17:53.006.6%1h26:38.00-4.1%
 29th Mar 20152015 British Cycling MTB XC #1Sherwood PinesExpert275Clee Cycles33 / 8863%1h48:55.001h38:06.0011%1h50:50.00-1.7%
bookmark31st Aug 20142014 Midlands XC #7DudmastonSport519Clee Cycles2 / 2596%1h17:54.001h17:50.000.1%1h44:35.00-25.5%
 18th May 20142014 Midlands XC #4EastridgeSport214Clee Cycles / KCNC6 / 2579%1h24:27.001h22:21.002.6%1h26:53.00-2.8%
 27th Apr 20142014 Midlands XC #2Birchall WoodsSport214Clee Cycles KCNC / High54 / 4092%1h19:03.001h16:28.003.4%1h39:40.00-20.7%
 23rd Mar 2014Pearce Events - Gravity Stagesphoto_libraryHopton19-29447Clee Cycles16 / 4767%22:49.5420:07.3313.4%18:40.9722.2%
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