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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
2nd Oct 20162016 Enduro World Series #8Finale LigureOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race4/3892%47:00.72
18th Sep 20162016 Enduro World Series #7Valberg, Guillaumes21+Ibis Cycles Enduro Race7/2878%56:33.63
17th Aug 2016Crankworx - AirDH '16Whistler, BCProibis16/2946%4:45.87
14th Aug 2016Crankworx - SRAM Canadian Open EnduroWhistler, BCPro7/3783%59:03.46
31st Jul 20162016 Enduro World Series #5Snowmass Village, COProIbis Cycles Enduro Race6/4488%56:12.98
17th Jul 20162016 Enduro World Series #4La ThuilleOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race7/3381%1h10:01.96
24th Jun 20162016 Trans Provence - Day 6ProvenceOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team8/1342%27:31.00
23rd Jun 20162016 Trans Provence - Day 5ProvenceOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team6/1358%42:45.00
22nd Jun 20162016 Trans Provence - Day 4ProvenceOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team2/1392%29:41.00
21st Jun 20162016 Trans Provence - Day 3ProvenceOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team3/1383%28:26.00
20th Jun 20162016 Trans Provence - Day 2ProvenceOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team1/13100%42:46.00
19th Jun 20162016 Trans Provence - Day 1ProvenceOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team2/1392%25:01.00
15th May 20162016 Enduro World Series #3Carrick, Co. WicklowOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race5/2785%31:07.42
17th Apr 20162016 Cannondale Enduro Tour #1Dabo, AlsaceOpen4/1882%33:50.20
3rd Apr 20162016 Enduro World Series #2Cerro CatedralOpenIbis Cycles7/3180%41:39.21
27th Mar 20162016 Enduro World Series #1Corral, ValdivaOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race8/2470%40:43.36
4th Oct 20152015 Enduro World Series #8Finale LigureOpenIbis Cycles13/4069%45:28.12
27th Sep 20152015 Enduro World Series #7Zona Zero Ainsa-SobrarbeOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team9/3375%38:21.23
12th Aug 2015Crankworx - AirDH '15Whistler, BCProibis17/2120%6:02.50
11th Aug 2015Crankworx - Garbanzo '15Whistler, BCProIbis Cycles Enduro Race8/1653%15:40.88
9th Aug 20152015 Enduro World Series #6Whistler, BCPro15/3660%1h06:15.86
19th Jul 20152015 Enduro World Series #4SamoënsOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team15/2439%1h04:22.86
31st May 20152015 Enduro World Series #3GlentressE1Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team10/3674%41:57.74
24th May 20152015 Enduro World Series #2Carrick, Co. WicklowOpenIbis Cycles Enduro Race Team12/3769%35:36.52
17th May 20152015 Cannondale Enduro Tour #3Mollau, AlsaceWomen2/1593%26:23.09
3rd May 20152015 Specialized SRAM Enduro #2Riva del GardaEliteIbis Cycles Enduro R5/1571%15:54.13
28th Mar 2015Crankworx - EnduroRotoruaOpen21/4757%50:31.06
5th Oct 20142014 Enduro World Series #7Finale LigureOpen14/4872%48:50.94
26th Sep 20142014 Trans Provence - Day 6: Sospel to MentonProvenceWomenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern6/1358%38:04.00
25th Sep 20142014 Trans Provence - Day 5: Valdeblore to SospelProvenceWomenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern7/1350%41:06.00
24th Sep 20142014 Trans Provence - Day 4: Guillaumes to ValdebloreProvenceWomenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern5/1367%27:46.00
23rd Sep 20142014 Trans Provence - Day 3: Villars-Colmars to GuillaumesProvenceWomenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern5/1367%32:54.00
22nd Sep 20142014 Trans Provence - Day 2: Prads to Villars-ColmarsProvenceWomenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern6/1358%27:41.00
21st Sep 20142014 Trans Provence - Day 1: Clamensane to PradsProvenceWomenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern4/1375%38:10.00
20th Sep 20142014 Trans Provence - The PrologueProvenceWomenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern-/130%
13th Aug 2014Crankworx - AirDH '14Whistler, BCProSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern12/2350%5:10.49
10th Aug 20142014 Enduro World Series #6Whistler, BCOpen16/3252%1h11:03.12
27th Jul 20142014 Enduro World Series #5Winter Park, COOpenSpecialized / SRAM / Zimtstern15/2746%55:07.61
13th Jul 20142014 Enduro World Series #4La ThuilleWomenSPECIALIZED. SRAM. Z13/3363%1h30:20.92
6th Jul 20142014 European Enduro Series #2FlimsProSpecialized TwinsMTB4/1680%26:27.45
22nd Jun 20142014 Enduro World Series #3ValloireWomen12/3265%1h41:34.95
20th Apr 20142014 Enduro World Series #1Nevados de Chillan Bike ParkWomen11/2252%47:44.30
13th Apr 2014USAC - 2014 Sea Otter ClassicMonterey, CAProSPECIALIZED TWINS RA15/167%3:10.70
20th Oct 20132013 Enduro World Series #7Finale LigureOpen11/3571%34:34.00
25th Aug 20132013 Enduro World Series #6Val d'IsèreOpen17/2636%1h41:36.08
11th Aug 20132013 Enduro World Series #5Whistler, BCOpenSpecialized Twins Racing25/2811%1h20:42.94
28th Jul 20132013 Enduro World Series #4Winter Park, COOpen12/3163%50:58.16
7th Jul 20132013 Enduro World Series #3Les Deux AlpesOpen20/3137%46:38.31
30th Jun 20132013 Enduro World Series #2Val d'AllosOpen12/2758%1h22:14.76
16th Jun 20132013 Specialized SRAM Enduro #4WillingenWomenSpecialized Twins Racing4/3892%24:45.05
26th May 20132013 Specialized SRAM Enduro #3SamerbergWomenSpecialized Twins Racing3/2692%19:34.01
19th May 20132013 Enduro World Series #1Punta AlaOpenSPECIALIZED TWINS RA15/2950%29:36.60
4th May 20132013 Specialized SRAM Enduro #2Riva del GardaWomenSpecialized Twins RacingDNF/340%
28th Apr 20132013 Specialized SRAM Enduro #1TreuchtlingenWomenSpecialized Twins Racing9/4381%14:22.04
14th Oct 20122012 Specialized Enduro #4TreuchtlingenWomenSpecialized Twins Racing7/2170%13:51.14
16th Sep 20122012 Specialized Enduro #3KirchbergWomenSpecialized Twins Racing5/2180%34:59.38
16th Jun 20122012 4x Pro Tour #5WillingenElite10/1431%n/a
27th May 20122012 iXS European Cup #2LeogangEliteSpecialized Twins Racing20/3034%4:46.29
20th May 20122012 Specialized Enduro #1WinterbergWomenEnduro Girls United9/1333%16:28.32
2nd Oct 20112011 iXS Swiss Cup #5BellwaldEliteOakley / POC / Zimtstern6/1150%4:09.39
18th Sep 20112011 iXS European Cup #6ChâtelEliteherobikes.de7/1033%4:43.70
11th Sep 20112011 iXS Swiss Cup #4DisentisEliteOakley / POC / Zimtstern-/80%
19th Jun 20112011 iXS European Cup #3LeogangEliteOakley / POC / ZimtsternDNS/200%
12th Jun 20112011 UCI World Cup #3LeogangElite-/390%
5th Jun 20112011 iXS German Cup #1WinterbergEliteOakley / POC / Zimtstern8/1446%2:17.51
22nd May 20112011 iXS European Cup #2TodtnauEliteOakley / POC / Zimtstern13/1725%5:00.33
3rd Oct 20102010 iXS Swiss Cup #4BellwaldEliteStützrädli.ch8/1236%4:19.89
19th Sep 20102010 iXS Swiss Cup #3ZermattEliteStützrädli.ch8/1130%7:48.53
12th Sep 20102010 iXS European Cup #6ChâtelEliteStützrädli.ch17/2120%4:25.54
25th Jul 20102010 UCI World Cup #4ChampéryElite-/350%
18th Jul 20102010 iXS Swiss Cup #2WiriehornEliteStützrädli.ch10/1110%5:58.63
27th Jun 20102010 iXS European Cup #2LeogangEliteStützrädli.chDNS/220%