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Date RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
 17th Mar 20192019 100% Mini DH #3photo_libraryForest of Dean40-491894 / 1579%1:20.551:11.9012%1:03.4726.9%
 24th Feb 20192019 Pedalhounds Enduro #1photo_libraryCanada Heights30-39237Biketart.com go to site15 / 3458%12:11.0310:49.4912.6%10:32.2015.6%
 17th Feb 20192019 100% Mini DH #2photo_libraryForest of Dean40-4919111 / 2252%1:51.621:40.1411.5%1:32.5220.6%
 16th Sep 2018Ard Events - Ard Moors Endurophoto_libraryLord Stones Country ParkEnduro: 30-39155Biketart.com go to site92 / 22058%19:24.9915:34.2724.7%15:29.6125.3%
 25th Mar 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #3photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3997Biketart.com go to site13 / 4069%1:01.6556.11s9.9%55.39s11.3%
 25th Feb 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #2photo_libraryForest of Dean30-39151Biketart.com go to site13 / 4673%1:16.131:06.8014%1:04.6017.9%
 28th Jan 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #1photo_libraryForest of Dean30-39166Biketart.com go to site14 / 5475%1:56.931:44.4512%1:36.7020.9%
 3rd Sep 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #4photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3945515 / 2542%1:25.971:12.7018.3%1:08.9624.7%
 6th Aug 2017Ard Events - Ard Rock Endurophoto_librarySwaledaleSprint: 30-392459Biketart.com go to site52 / 14364%13:37.7110:55.6324.7%n/an/a
 26th Mar 20172017 Onza Tyres Mini DH #3photo_libraryForest of Dean30-39161Biketart.com go to site22 / 3640%56.86s50.84s11.8%45.87s24%
 11th Sep 20162016 Downhill Freeriders Championship #5photo_libraryPenshurst30-3984Biketart.Com Factory Pilot15 / 3559%52.87s49.31s7.2%46.38s14%
 9th Jul 2016Megavalanche - Megavlanche Affinity '16Alpe d'Huez30-391064Biketart.com go to site17 / 10785%1h19:42.851h04:10.2924.2%1h04:10.2924.2%
 3rd Jul 20162016 Downhill Freeriders Championship #4photo_libraryPenshurst30-3960Biketart.Com Factory Pilot8 / 1550%48.68s45.51s7%44.34s9.8%
 22nd May 20162016 Downhill Freeriders Championship #3photo_libraryPenshurst30-3990Biketart.com go to site12 / 2350%53.78s50.37s6.8%46.94s14.6%
 10th Apr 20162016 Downhill Freeriders Championship #2photo_libraryPenshurst30-39102Biketart.com go to site11 / 2863%59.56s54.26s9.8%51.57s15.5%
 6th Mar 20162016 Downhill Freeriders Championship #1photo_libraryPenshurst30-3999Biketart.com go to site8 / 3076%52.88s48.37s9.3%45.96s15.1%
 24th Oct 2015Downhill Freeriders - Fight for Sightphoto_libraryPenshurst30-39113Biketart.com go to site8 / 2975%1:02.7659.33s5.8%55.50s13.1%
 27th Sep 20152015 Downhill Freeriders Championship #5photo_libraryPenshurst30-39165Biketart.com go to site9 / 3072%53.35s50.07s6.6%46.52s14.7%
 30th Aug 20152015 Downhill Freeriders Championship #4photo_libraryPenshurst30-3965Biketart.com go to site15 / 2233%1:01.9555.01s12.6%52.01s19.1%
 24th May 20152015 Downhill Freeriders Championship #2photo_libraryPenshurst30-3997Biketart.com go to site17 / 4160%1:03.9757.19s11.9%55.07s16.2%
 29th Mar 20152015 Downhill Freeriders Championship #1photo_libraryPenshurst30-39130Biketart.com go to site20 / 4759%1:01.7955.33s11.7%51.16s20.8%
 12th Jul 2014Megavalanche - Megavlanche Challenger/Affinity 1 '14photoAlpe d'Huez30-39222387 / 12229%2h16:18.9448:37.71180.3%47:08.07189.2%
 18th May 20142014 PORC DH Series #2photo_libraryPenshurst30-39113Biketart.com go to site19 / 2731%53.64s48.65s10.3%47.28s13.5%
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