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Stephen JONES
Steve JONES (vet2)
Steve JONES (vet1)
Steve JONES (gvet)
Steve JONES (mas)
Steven JONES (gvet)
Stephen JONES
Steven JONES (end)
Steven JONES (mas)

gbSteve JONES (sen)

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
5th Dec 20102010/11 661 Mini DH #1Forest of DeanSenior20/6872%1:17.18
7th Dec 20082008/09 661 Mini DH #1Forest of DeanSenior47/8445%59.16s
15th Oct 2006Sirrah D - 24Seven urbanBridgnorthJuniorBrooks Cycles26/287%39.80s
16th Jul 2006NACC Events - UK National Champs '06MoelfreOpenBrooks Cycles16/2742%3:09.58
19th Feb 20062006 Specialized winter #2BringewoodJunior23/3535%3:24.14
16th Oct 20052005 Midlands Super Series #6RadnorYouthFelon Projects26/5049%2:22.34
17th Jul 2005Pearce Events - UK National Champs '05BringewoodOpenFelon ProjectsDNS/300%
26th Jun 20052005 Midlands Super Series #4CaerswsYouthFelon Projects30/3924%3:14.06
1st May 20052005 Midlands Super Series #2CaerswsYouthFelon Projects35/5031%3:42.60
17th Apr 20052005 Midlands Super Series #1HoptonYouthFelon Projects30/5546%3:40.94
13th Mar 20052005 Specialized winter #3BringewoodYouthFelon Projects27/5451%3:09.98
16th Jan 20052005 Specialized winter #1HoptonYouth24/4952%4:18.63
17th Oct 20042004 Midlands Super Series #7RadnorYouthBrooks Cycles43/5319%2:45.22
7th Dec 20032003 Nantmawr Cup #3Nantmawr Quarry12-1662/8023%2:47.09
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Renthal Cycling