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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
13th Oct 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #6MoelfreHardtailDirtfactory.org go to site2/20%3:09.08
22nd Sep 20132013 MIJ #3Taff BuggyHardtail2/350%2:22.33
4th Aug 20132013 MIJ #2Taff BuggyHardtailDirt Factory.org go to site1/8100%2:25.58
16th Jun 20132013 Northwest MTB Series #3 & North West champsFarmer John's, StockportHardtailDirtfactory.org go to site5/1160%1:46.39
25th May 2013MIJ - Aber Cycle Fest - Conquer The CliffAberystwythHardtailDirtfactory.org go to site1/3100%1:33.39
21st Apr 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #3MoelfreHardtailDirtfactory.org go to site3/433%3:12.35
17th Mar 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #2CaerswsHardtailDirtfactory.org go to site3/30%2:36.39
10th Mar 20132013 MIJ #1Taff BuggyHardtailDirt Factory.org go to site1/2100%2:24.10
24th Feb 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #1InnerleithenHardtailDirt Factory3/871%4:09.82
4th Nov 2012MIJ - Urban Street RaceNew QuayHardtailHardtails Team UK3/767%1:55.61
17th Jun 20122012 WDMBA #2Mountain AshHardtailHardtails Team UK3/660%4:47.84
20th May 20122012 MIJ #2Taff BuggyHardtailHardtail Team UK3/550%2:18.83
6th May 20122012 Northwest MTB Series #2Farmer John's, StockportHardtail3/975%1:24.73
29th Apr 20122012 WDMBA #1RheolaHardtailHardtails Team UK3/660%5:13.32
8th Apr 20122012 MIJ #1Taff BuggyHardtailHardtail Team UK1/6100%2:16.62
11th Mar 20122012 Northwest MTB Series #1Farmer John's, StockportHardtail3/871%1:41.10
5th Nov 2011MIJ - Urban Street RaceNew QuayHardtail3/1180%1:58.31
16th Oct 20112011 WDMBA #5 & English ChampsMoelfreHardtail3/550%3:09.37
11th Sep 2011Farmer John - Farmer John's Race WeekendFarmer John's, StockportHardtail4/640%1:39.75
7th Aug 20112011 MIJ #3Taff BuggyHardtailTeam Waynenos2/350%3:04.43
29th May 2011Borderline Events - Northwest ChampsFarmer John's, StockportHardtail2/886%1:47.59
13th Mar 20112011 MIJ #1Taff BuggySenior41/4917%2:25.32
17th Oct 20102010 Caersws Cup #5CaerswsSenior59/648%2:25.44