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DateRace Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 2019/20 Thetford Racing Winter XC #2West Bilney Woods1.5hr: 40+93Numplumz Mountainbikers5 / 104n/an/a1h51:33.00n/a3h14:37.00n/a
 2019/20 Thetford Racing Winter XC #1Santon Downham1.5hr: 40+93Numplumz Mountainbikers95 / 99n/an/a1h40:26.00n/a3h21:07.00n/a
emoji_events2018/19 Revel Outdoors Winter XC #4Shouldham Warren1.5hr: 19+454Numplumz Mountainbikers1 / 30100%1h45:44.001h45:44.000%3h08:59.00-44.1%
emoji_events2018/19 Revel Outdoors Winter XC #3Thetford Forest1.5hr: 19+931 / 31100%1h58:43.001h58:43.000%3h23:07.00-41.6%
 BDS - The Malverns MTB Festival - Cross CountryEastnor Deer ParkElite175Numplumz Mountainbikers8 / 8n/an/an/an/a
 BDS - The Malverns MTB Festival - Quad Eliminatorphoto_libraryEastnor Deer ParkOpen25Oakham Gardening55 / 91n/an/a (4x)n/an/a
 2017 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #5Peel Park, West YorkshireElite25Numplumz MountainbikersDNF / 30n/an/a1h00:59.00n/a1h00:59.00n/a
 2017 Midlands XC #1Sherwood PinesElite10Numplumz Mountainbikers - Freeride spain7 / 8n/an/a1h51:53.00n/a1h51:53.00n/a
emoji_events2016/17 King's Lynn Winter XC #3Thetford Forest3hr: Senior490Numplumz / Oakham Sports Massage2 / 2496%3h14:37.003h09:21.002.8%3h09:21.002.8%
emoji_events2015 Friday Night XC Summer Series #7East Carlton Countryside ParkSenior1763 / 2692%1h01:05.001h00:05.001.7%1h00:05.001.7%
 2014/15 Thetford Winter XC #4Thetford Forest4hr740Numpl / Oakham Sports Massage15 / 25n/an/a4h16:10.00n/a4h16:10.00n/a
emoji_events2014/15 Thetford Winter XC #3Thetford Forest4hr740Numplumz2 / 2596%4h20:54.004h20:53.000%4h20:53.000%
emoji_events2014/15 Thetford Winter XC #2Thetford Forest4hr740Numplumz mtb2 / 2696%4h03:28.004h00:32.001.2%4h00:32.001.2%
 Ard Events - Ard Rock Endurophoto_librarySwaledale30-39246188 / 23721%31:01.0014:51.00108.9%14:36.00112.4%
 2012 Midlands XC #3Birchall WoodsElite314Go Run & Ride Events / MtZoom5 / 1571%2h05:27.001h59:37.004.9%1h59:37.004.9%
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NS Define 150 1
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