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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
15th Mar 2015MTBA - Australian National Champs '15Bright, VICMaster 3/46/1255%5:21.53
1st Mar 20152014/15 Australian National Series #3Toowoomba, QLDMaster 3/44/640%3:04.75
27th Feb 2015UCI - Oceania Continental Champs '15Toowoomba, QLDMaster 3/42/680%3:10.49
8th Feb 20152014/15 Australian National Series #2Thredbo, NSWMaster 3/42/1492%5:29.72
14th Dec 20142014/15 Australian National Series #1You Yangs, VICMaster 3/42/575%2:13.95
30th Nov 20142014 CORC DH #8Thredbo, NSWHardtail: Senior1/1n/a6:13.35
24th Aug 20142014 Australian Gravity Enduro #5Stromlo, Canberra, go to site6/2377%13:59.00
27th Jul 20142014 Red Ass NSW DH Series #1Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSWMasterCotic Australia1/9100%2:26.00
29th Jun 20142014 CORC DH #3Kowen Pines, ACTHardtail1/2100%1:26.31
11th May 20142014 CORC DH #2Kowen Pines, ACTMaster1/7100%1:22.49
9th Mar 2014MTBA - Australian National Champs '14Bright, VICMaster7/925%5:19.03
23rd Feb 20142014 Australian National Series #3Thredbo, NSWMaster4/750%5:33.35
9th Feb 20142014 Australian National Series #2Mt Buller, VICMaster4/525%3:58.90
15th Sep 20132013 CORC DH #5Stromlo, Canberra, ACTHardtail: Senior-/1n/a
17th Mar 20132013 Australian National Series #3Bright, VICVeteranDNS/70%
24th Feb 2013MTBA - Australian National Champs '13Stromlo, Canberra, ACTVeteran7/1454%2:56.14
10th Feb 20132013 Australian National Series #2Thredbo, NSWVeteran5/950%6:39.83
20th Jan 20132013 Australian National Series #1Mt Buller, VICVeteran6/717%4:13.91
18th Nov 20122012 Red Ass NSW DH Series #5Thredbo, go to site28/307%6:59.20
28th Oct 20122012 CORC DH #4Kowen Pines, ACTHardtail: Senior1/1n/a1:23.40
10th Jun 20122012 CORC DH #2Kowen Pines, ACTHardtail: Senior1/1n/a1:27.35
20th May 20122012 CORC DH #1Majura, ACTHardtail1/1n/a1:35.56
26th Feb 2012MTBA - Australian National Champs '12Eagle Park, SAVeteranDNS/170%
26th Feb 2012MTBA - Australian National Champs '12Eagle Park, SAHardtail: Senior2/20%2:32.33
27th Feb 2011MTBA - Australian National Champs '11Eagle Park, SAHardtail: Senior2/467%2:35.59
17th Jan 2010MTBA - Australian National Champs '10Eagle Park, SAHardtail: Senior3/433%2:44.59
7th Dec 2008Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanMaster43/5522%1:06.56
4th Oct 2008Naked Racing - Fat Face Night go to site17/6374%1:29.30
22nd Jun 20082008 Dragon Downhill go to site7/70%5:11.55
30th Mar 2008Naked Racing - 661 Mini go to site3/5096%34.00s
21st Oct 2007Sirrah D - Tredz DowntownPenarthMasterLORL13/4573%1:28.28
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