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Date RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
 17th Feb 20192019 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1Crowthorne Wood50-59898Sixth Element Carbon Wheels14 / 3461%1h12:00.001h06:05.009%1h43:54.00-30.7%
 27th Jan 20192018/19 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #3Minley Manor3hr: 50+38259 / 3677%2h41:08.002h24:56.0011.2%3h25:52.00-21.7%
 6th Jan 20192018/19 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #2Minley Manor3hr: 50+39844 / 37n/an/a2h59:19.00n/a3h49:07.00n/a
 9th Dec 20182018/19 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #1Minley Manor3hr: 50+391612 / 4273%2h48:35.002h32:53.0010.3%3h47:03.00-25.8%
 22nd Jul 2018British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '18Hadleigh Park50-5942620 / 3544%1h38:46.001h19:45.0023.9%1h20:01.0023.4%
 15th Jul 20182018 Southern XC #4Matterley Estate50-596227Strada Wheels7 / 2170%1h15:41.901h12:10.704.9%1h23:05.70-8.9%
 10th Jun 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #4Phoenix Bike Park, Kentford50-5931719 / 3851%1h14:38.001h09:05.008%1h34:47.00-21.3%
 26th May 2018Tweedlove - Glentress 7photo_libraryGlentressPairs 90+239BOld &Slow5 / 10296%7h16:40.006h31:33.0011.5%7h07:14.002.2%
 29th Apr 20182018 Southern XC #1Checkendon50-59609418 / 2323%1h13:43.101h05:35.7012.4%1h32:19.10-20.2%
 22nd Apr 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #2photo_libraryDalby Forest50-5927724 / 3532%1h43:40.001h27:36.0018.3%1h33:22.0011%
 15th Apr 20182018 Mud Sweat & Gears XC - Eastern #3photoLee Valley50+103016 / 4465%1h37:38.001h26:39.0012.7%1h37:12.000.5%
 25th Mar 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #1Sherwood Pines50-5927032 / 4326%1h34:47.001h20:08.0018.3%1h45:47.00-10.4%
 25th Feb 20182018 Mud Sweat & Gears XC - Eastern #1Hadleigh Park50+98617 / 4664%1h53:51.001h38:53.0015.1%1h46:50.006.6%
 18th Feb 20182018 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1photo_libraryCrowthorne Wood50-5937811 / 3167%1h15:54.001h10:54.007.1%1h46:08.00-28.5%
 7th Jan 20182017/18 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #2photo_libraryMinley Manor3hr: 50+385111 / 44n/an/a2h50:02.00n/a3h45:17.00n/a
 5th Nov 2017Gorrick - Gorrick 25th Anniversary EventCrowthorne Wood50-59143CITY CYCLES7 / 3783%1h09:41.001h07:25.003.4%1h37:53.00-28.8%
 16th Jul 20172017 Southern XC #5Pippingford50-596565CITY CYCLES14 / 1719%1h20:52.301h08:23.4018.3%1h25:48.00-5.7%
 11th Jun 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #4Dalby Forest50-5956824 / 3021%1h53:12.001h33:11.0021.5%1h36:03.0017.9%
 28th May 20172017 Southern XC #3photo_libraryCrow Hill50-596110CITY CYCLES18 / 2939%1h26:08.601h15:49.7013.6%1h41:08.60-14.8%
 14th May 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #3photo_libraryAske50-5956624 / 3328%1h38:02.001h15:08.0030.5%1h34:48.003.4%
 6th May 20172017 Midlands XC #3Cannock Chase50-5994Beyond Mountain Bikes18 / 4259%1h22:22.001h12:19.0013.9%1h16:43.007.4%
 23rd Apr 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #2photoWasing50-5962124 / 3736%1h37:57.001h27:40.0011.7%1h33:59.004.2%
 16th Apr 20172017 Southern XC #2photo_libraryCheckendon50-596546CITY CYCLES14 / 3359%1h13:15.301h09:13.405.8%1h18:21.10-6.5%
 9th Apr 20172017 Midlands XC #2Swynnerton Old Park50-5968Beyond Mountain Bikes12 / 2554%1h58:29.001h47:53.009.8%1h28:56.0033.2%
 2nd Apr 20172017 British Cycling MTB XC #1photoPembrey Country Park50-59623Beyond Mountain Bikes22 / 3232%1h08:57.001h00:47.0013.4%1h46:01.00-35%
 19th Mar 20172017 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3Area 5150-59739CITY CYCLES7 / 2271%1h06:08.0059:22.0011.4%1h31:32.00-27.8%
 12th Mar 20172017 Southern XC #1photo_libraryWasing50-596535CITY CYCLES15 / 2746%1h34:51.401h17:19.0022.7%1h54:49.80-17.4%
 26th Feb 20172017 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Crowthorne Wood50-59815CITY CYCLES10 / 2563%1h09:38.001h02:18.0011.8%1h36:58.00-28.2%
 22nd Jan 20172017 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1Area 5150-59782CITY CYCLES10 / 2867%1h01:37.0056:34.008.9%1h28:07.00-30.1%
 8th Jan 20172016/17 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #2photoMinley Manor3hr: 50+3939Beyond Mountain Bikes9 / 57n/an/a2h55:26.00n/a3h48:14.00n/a
 6th Nov 20162016 Gorrick Autumn Classic #2Crowthorne Wood50-59467Beyond Mountain Bikes6 / 2781%1h17:09.001h12:43.006.1%1h54:09.00-32.4%
bookmark23rd Oct 20162016 XC Rampage #4Checkendon50+146Beyond MTB1 / 6100%59:00.0059:00.000%1h09:26.00-15%
bookmark9th Oct 20162016 Gorrick Autumn Classic #1Area 5150-59713Beyond Mountain Bikes2 / 1994%1h04:57.001h03:35.002.2%1h34:55.00-31.6%
bookmark25th Sep 20162016 XC Rampage #2Checkendon50+154Beyond MTB2 / 575%1h00:55.001h00:34.000.6%1h09:17.00-12.1%
 7th Aug 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #5photo_libraryCannock Chase50-59462Beyond Mountain Bikes21 / 2929%1h55:16.001h39:15.0016.1%1h40:52.0014.3%
 3rd Jul 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #6photo_libraryLangdon Hills50+698Beyond Mountain Bikes9 / 3677%1h38:27.001h29:32.0010%1h34:51.003.8%
 26th Jun 20162016 Southern XC #6photo_libraryPippingford50-59336beyond mountainbikes protwins sharp ducati13 / 2345%1h28:14.001h12:20.3022%1h38:09.50-10.1%
 12th Jun 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #4Fforest Fields50-59429Beyond Mountain Bikes23 / 29n/an/a1h52:17.00n/a1h45:49.00n/a
 22nd May 20162016 Southern XC #4photo_libraryMatterley Estate50-59336beyond mountainbikes protwins sharp ducati18 / 2323%1h25:43.901h10:56.7020.8%1h29:53.00-4.6%
 8th May 20162016 Southern XC #3photo_libraryWasing50-59336Beyond mountainbikes protwins ducati17 / 2738%1h22:50.901h10:41.4017.2%1h36:41.60-14.3%
 24th Apr 20162016 British Cycling MTB XC #2Newnham Park50-59475Beyond Mountain Bikes23 / 258%1h23:26.001h03:16.0031.9%1h42:54.00-18.9%
 10th Apr 20162016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3photo_libraryFrimley Green50-59103Beyond mountainbikes pro twins sharp ducatti11 / 3974%1h07:36.001h00:25.0011.9%1h33:30.00-27.7%
 20th Mar 20162016 Southern XC #1photo_libraryBlack Park50-59336Beyond Mountain Bikes Pro Twin Sharps Ducatti19 / 3445%1h23:07.401h14:18.5011.9%1h43:01.10-19.3%
 13th Mar 20162016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Frith Hill50-59663Beyond mountainbikes pro twins ducati13 / 2957%1h32:09.001h19:27.0016%2h02:48.00-25%
 28th Feb 20162016 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #2Newnham Park40-49264Beyond Mountainbikes14 / 2546%1h29:21.001h12:04.0024%1h31:43.00-2.6%
 17th Jan 20162015/16 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #3photoFrimley Green2hr: 40-492498Beyond36 / 60n/an/a2h04:18.00n/a3h59:11.00n/a
 23rd Aug 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #6CheckendonOpen242Mountain Trax12 / 3467%54:48.0051:13.007%1h36:11.00-43%
 12th Jul 20152015 Midlands XC #6EastridgeOpen9Mountain Trax5 / 1160%1h16:40.001h03:30.0020.7%1h48:02.00-29%
 28th Jun 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #5Porridgepot HillOpen295Mountain Trax10 / 4780%57:12.0052:13.009.5%2h06:47.00-54.9%
 14th Jun 2015Gorrick - Summer MonkeyFrith Hill2hr: 40+213111 / 4074%2h29:46.002h11:53.0013.6%6h19:22.00-60.5%
 31st May 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #4photo_libraryBordonOpen2981st Gear go to site13 / 4573%1h01:40.0054:18.0013.6%1h37:28.00-36.7%
 10th May 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #3WasingOpen300Mountain Trax7 / 4486%1h00:00.0053:55.0011.3%1h35:35.00-37.2%
 26th Apr 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #2Crow HillOpen10511 / 4074%1h10:58.001h00:56.0016.5%1h45:02.00-32.4%
 12th Apr 20152015 Midlands XC #1Cannock ChaseOpen12Mountain Trax5 / 2382%58:35.0056:34.003.6%1h26:38.00-32.4%
 29th Mar 20152015 British Cycling MTB XC #1Sherwood PinesOpen8157 / 6891%1h13:17.001h08:47.006.5%1h50:50.00-33.9%
 8th Mar 20152015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3Porridgepot Hill40-4952Mountain Trax11 / 5080%1h05:56.001h00:25.009.1%1h28:01.00-25.1%
 1st Mar 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #1Black ParkOpen128MountainTrax4 / 4593%1h02:28.0057:40.008.3%1h42:48.00-39.2%
 8th Feb 20152015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Crowthorne Wood40-49740Mountain Trax14 / 6780%1h12:07.001h04:23.0012%1h35:31.00-24.5%
 18th Jan 20152015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1Saddleback Hill40-49772Mountain Trax63 / 67n/an/a1h07:17.00n/a1h41:28.00n/a
 17th Aug 20142014 British Cycling MTB XC #5Cannock ChaseOpen61911 / 5381%1h30:57.001h16:51.0018.4%1h42:51.00-11.6%
 13th Jul 20142014 British Cycling MTB XC #4Sherwood PinesOpen6627 / 4185%1h02:22.0057:54.007.7%1h52:32.00-44.6%
 8th Jun 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #5Queen Elizabeth Country ParkOpen78Mountain Trax14 / 4369%1h15:55.001h05:42.0015.6%1h32:25.00-17.9%
 18th May 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #4Porridgepot HillOpen124Mountain Trax6 / 4689%1h11:08.001h03:54.0011.3%1h35:53.00-25.8%
 27th Apr 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #3Crow HillOpen9319 / 4458%1h59:13.001h29:56.0032.6%1h51:08.007.3%
 30th Mar 20142014 British Cycling MTB XC #1Codham ParkOpen6436 / 1255%1h01:31.0056:46.008.4%1h46:21.00-42.2%
 16th Mar 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #1WasingOpen330Mountain Trax6 / 5190%1h05:29.001h00:45.007.8%1h46:55.00-38.8%
 9th Feb 20142014 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1Crowthorne Wood40-4991812 / 4575%1h09:31.001h00:58.0014%1h31:02.00-23.6%
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