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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
2021 Pedalhounds Enduro #2Matterley EstateE-bike: 50+16018 / 2323%12:49.749:53.1529.8%n/an/a
2021 Pedalhounds Enduro #1Land of Nod, Headley DownE-bike: 50+15824 / 2712%12:08.769:13.5331.7%n/an/a
2020 South West XC #1Woodbury CommonElite86Plymouth Corinthian CC2 / 467%1h54:31.301h37:40.9017.2%1h37:40.9017.2%
2019 South West XC #6Mount EdgcumbeElite200Plymouth Corinthian CC1 / 1n/a1h47:44.001h47:44.000%1h41:25.006.2%
2019 South West XC #5AshcombeElite1362 / 20%1h39:10.001h38:18.000.9%1h27:35.0013.2%
2019 South West XC #2Woody's Bike ParkElite301Plymouth Corinthian CC2 / 350%1h46:50.001h38:14.008.8%1h35:01.0012.4%
2019 South West XC #1Woodbury CommonElite81Plymouth Corinthian CC2 / 20%1h39:09.001h31:01.008.9%1h30:56.009%
2018/19 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #3Newnham Park17+286PCCC3 / 2391%1h16:17.001h13:29.003.8%1h13:29.003.8%
2018 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1Newnham ParkExpert550PCCC2 / 1089%2h15:53.002h01:04.0012.2%2h01:04.0012.2%
2017 Welsh MTB XC #4Royal Welsh ShowgroundElite35 / 843%n/a1h23:33.72n/a1h23:33.72n/a
Dyfi MTB Events - Howies Dyfi EnduoDyfi ForestFull course: 30-39376n/a (sportive)n/a3h42:09.00n/an/an/an/a
2017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #3Newnham Park19-395143 / 2592%1h28:22.001h18:21.0012.8%1h18:21.0012.8%
2017 Welsh MTB XC #1AfanElite24 / 525%2h12:09.051h09:18.6590.7%1h09:18.6590.7%
2017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #2Newnham ParkSenior240A McDonalds on the way home3 / 2290%1h41:19.001h30:41.0011.7%1h30:41.0011.7%
2016 Soggy Bottom Summer Series XC #3Newnham ParkSenior3897 / 1967%1h10:04.001h01:43.0013.5%1h00:56.0015%
Dyfi MTB Events - Howies Dyfi EnduroDyfi Forest18-39381n/a (sportive)n/a3h33:40.00n/an/an/an/a
2014 British Cycling MTB XC #5Cannock ChaseElite33Mondraker UK29 / 3518%2h04:01.001h42:51.0020.6%1h42:51.0020.6%
2014 British Cycling MTB XC #4Sherwood PinesElite40Mondraker UK52 / 579%n/a1h52:32.00n/a1h52:32.00n/a
2014 British Cycling MTB XC #3Margam ParkElite36Mondraker UK29 / 4739%2h37:23.001h30:14.0074.4%1h30:14.0074.4%
2014 British Cycling MTB XC #2Wheal Maid ValleyElite34Mondraker UK32 / 4733%n/a1h40:50.00n/a1h40:50.00n/a
2014 British Cycling MTB XC #1Codham ParkElite30Mondraker UK48 / 6324%n/a1h46:21.00n/a1h46:21.00n/a
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