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Date RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
 13th Jan 20192018/19 Revel Outdoors Winter XC #3Thetford Forest1.5hr: 19+24HKR XC TEAM13 / 31n/an/a1h58:43.00n/a3h23:07.00n/a
 9th Dec 20182018/19 Revel Outdoors Winter XC #2West Bilney Woods1.5hr: 19+24HKR XC TEAM16 / 25n/an/a1h39:41.00n/a3h16:28.00n/a
 4th Nov 20182018/19 Revel Outdoors Winter XC #1Santon Downham1.5hr: 19+24HKR XC TEAM15 / 37n/an/a1h45:07.00n/a3h08:12.00n/a
 4th Sep 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #8Ickworth HouseExpert/Elite211HKR XC TEAM11 / 11n/an/a1h45:12.00n/a1h45:12.00n/a
 3rd Jul 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #6Langdon HillsExpert/Elite211HKR XC TEAM7 / 9n/an/a1h34:51.00n/a1h34:51.00n/a
 5th Jun 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #5Hadleigh ParkExpert/Elite211HKR XC TEAM9 / 9n/an/a1h25:52.00n/a1h25:52.00n/a
 22nd May 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #4Lee ValleyExpert/Elite211HKR XC TEAM6 / 6n/an/a1h24:43.00n/a1h24:43.00n/a
 8th May 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #3photoShouldham WarrenExpert/Elite211HKR XC TEAM9 / 11n/an/a1h35:56.00n/a1h35:56.00n/a
 17th Apr 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #2Henham HallExpert/Elite211HKR XC TEAM9 / 11n/an/a1h40:34.00n/a1h40:34.00n/a
 6th Mar 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #1HintleshamExpert/Elite211HKR XC TEAM7 / 12n/an/a1h26:55.00n/a1h26:55.00n/a
bookmark24th Jan 20162015/16 G8 Events Winter Series #4photo_libraryThetford Forest4hr: Open490Beet-It / HKR XC Race Team / KMC Chains / nutrixxion-energy.co.uk go to site1 / 3100%4h14:47.004h14:47.000%3h54:14.208.8%
 7th Dec 20142014/15 Thetford Winter XC #2Thetford Forest4hr730Elitesc.co.uk & Apexbikefit.com go to site / Kings Lynn Mtb & Iceni Velo19 / 26n/an/a4h00:32.00n/a4h00:32.00n/a
 2nd Nov 20142014/15 Thetford Winter XC #1Thetford Forest4hr730Elitesc.co.uk & Apexbikefit.com go to site / Iceni Velo11 / 32n/an/a4h00:31.00n/a4h00:31.00n/a
 7th Sep 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #7Shouldham Warren30-39526Iceni Velo10 / 10n/an/a1h51:43.00n/a1h42:39.00n/a
 3rd Aug 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #6Thetford Forest30-39526Iceni Velo6 / 1358%2h04:00.001h53:47.009%1h44:52.0018.3%
 13th Jul 20142014 British Cycling MTB XC #4Sherwood Pines30-39444Iceni Velo29 / 3722%1h49:19.001h30:30.0020.8%1h52:32.00-2.9%
 !!!!!13th Jul 20142014 British Cycling MTB XC #4Sherwood PinesOpen660Iceni Velo21 / 4150%1h06:04.0057:54.0014.1%1h52:32.00-41.3%
 29th Jun 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #5Radical Bikes30-39526Iceni Velo9 / 15n/an/a1h46:58.00n/a1h42:02.00n/a
 8th Jun 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #4Ickworth House30-39526Iceni Velo7 / 14n/an/a1h34:35.00n/a1h24:27.00n/a
 18th May 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #3Codham Park30-39526Iceni Velo6 / 14n/an/a1h25:07.00n/a1h16:15.00n/a
 13th Apr 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #2Carver Barracks30-39526Iceni Velo5 / 11n/an/a1h36:16.00n/a1h32:32.00n/a
bookmark16th Mar 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #1Rendlesham Forest30-39269Iceni Velo3 / 1383%1h47:22.001h36:42.0011%1h30:57.0018.1%
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NS Fuzz DH bike
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