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DateRace Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
emoji_events2019 Southern XC #4Folly Farm15-16900Palmer Park Velo3 / 433%1h08:55.2051:59.4032.6%1h36:42.00-28.7%
 2019 Southern XC #2Checkendon15-16466PPV6 / 60%57:55.7048:59.0018.3%1h41:28.10-42.9%
 2018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #6photoShrewsbury Sports VillageU164Banjo Cycles Newbury23 / 3229%32:58.7026:13.8025.7%1h02:34.00-47.3%
 2018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #5Trinity Park Showground, SuffolkU165Banjo Cycles Newbury23 / 3024%37:12.6032:22.0015%1h05:05.00-42.8%
 2018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #4York Cycle SportU1630Palmer Park Velo RT25 / 4038%40:27.4032:16.9025.3%1h03:04.00-35.9%
 2018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #3South of England Event Centre, Crawley15-165Banjo Cycles NewburyDNS / 31n/an/a28:03.10n/a1h02:37.00n/a
 2018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #2Beach Park, IrvineU164Banjo Cycles Newbury23 / 3127%33:13.5027:13.3022.1%1h01:11.00-45.7%
 2018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #1Moorways Leisure Centre, DerbyshireU1632Palmer Park Velo RT29 / 4232%38:54.3031:33.9023.3%58:23.00-33.4%
emoji_events2018 Southern XC #2Crow Hill15-164030Palmer Park Velo2 / 886%59:13.9052:18.3013.2%1h36:38.70-38.7%
 2018 Southern XC #1Checkendon15-164027Palmer Park Velo7 / 70%43:36.2034:08.9027.7%1h32:19.10-52.8%
 2017 Southern XC #4Matterley Estate13-144121Palmer Park Velo4 / 40%59:58.9040:55.3046.6%1h26:42.50-30.8%
emoji_events2017 Welsh MTB XC #4Royal Welsh Showground13-14933 / 550%39:27.5933:41.7517.1%1h23:33.72-52.8%
 2017 Southern XC #2photoCheckendon13-144101Palmer Park Velo5 / 620%51:36.4046:17.9011.5%1h18:21.10-34.1%
 2017 Southern XC #1Wasing13-144104Palmer Park Velo6 / 60%1h35:54.001h02:45.9052.8%1h54:49.80-16.5%
 2017 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Crowthorne Wood13-141004Palmer Park Velo4 / 525%59:52.0049:48.0020.2%1h36:58.00-38.3%
emoji_events2016 XC Rampage #1Checkendon13-1429Palmer Park Velo3 / 30%40:59.0036:07.0013.5%1h16:00.00-46.1%
emoji_events2016 Southern XC #2Checkendon13-14440Palmer Park Velo3 / 660%40:55.1038:53.705.2%1h29:42.20-54.4%
emoji_events2015 Pedalon Southern XC #6CheckendonU13190Palmer Park Velo AW Cycles3 / 433%20:56.0019:59.004.8%1h36:11.00-78.2%
emoji_events2015 Pedalon Southern XC #5Porridgepot HillU13273AW go to site / Palmer Park Velo3 / 30%24:10.0021:18.0013.5%2h06:47.00-80.9%
emoji_events2015 Pedalon Southern XC #3WasingU13244Palmer Park Velo2 / 467%25:11.0024:23.003.3%1h35:35.00-73.7%
emoji_events2015 Pedalon Southern XC #2Crow HillU13282Palmer Park Velo3 / 660%29:14.0023:48.0022.8%1h45:02.00-72.2%
emoji_events2015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #4photoFrith HillU131302Palmer Park Velo2 / 20%30:18.0027:51.008.8%1h41:19.00-70.1%
emoji_events2015 Pedalon Southern XC #1Black ParkU13309Palmer Park Velo2 / 575%25:07.0021:01.0019.5%1h42:48.00-75.6%
emoji_events2015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1Saddleback HillU131371Palmer Park Velo2 / 467%18:45.0017:51.005%n/an/a
 2014 Pedalon Southern XC #4Porridgepot HillU13261Palmer Park Velo4 / 857%29:20.0026:10.0012.1%1h35:53.00-69.4%
emoji_events2014 Pedalon Southern XC #3Crow HillU13201Palmer Park Velo1 / 2100%36:10.0036:10.000%1h51:08.00-67.5%
 2014 Pedalon Southern XC #2CheckendonU13254Palmer Park Velo4 / 857%27:06.0022:33.0020.2%1h46:34.00-74.6%
emoji_events2014 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Caesar's CampU131323Palmer Park Velo1 / 3100%14:36.0014:36.000%n/an/a
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