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Date RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
 24th Mar 20192019 British Cycling MTB XC #1Sherwood Pines13-14236Sutton CyclingClubCNCycles38 / 6340%58:28.0046:20.0026.2%1h41:14.00-42.3%
 17th Mar 20192019 Southern XC #1Matterley Estate13-14259C&N Cycles / Sutton CC9 / 1438%51:25.0042:52.9019.9%1h32:40.80-44.5%
 24th Feb 20192019 Mud Sweat & Gears XC - Eastern #1Hadleigh Park13-14422Four4TH Lights13 / 2345%1h15:35.001h00:38.0024.7%1h29:22.00-15.4%
bookmark17th Feb 20192019 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1Crowthorne Wood13-14605Four4TH Lights2 / 575%54:50.0047:08.0016.3%1h43:54.00-47.2%
bookmark17th Nov 2018Gorrick - Autumn ClassicCrowthorne WoodU131312Sutton cycling club c and n cycles3 / 767%17:22.0015:47.0010%n/an/a
 3rd Jun 20182018 Mud Sweat & Gears XC - Central #1Black ParkU12123Sutton CC5 / 2079%17:46.0016:37.006.9%n/an/a
 29th Apr 20182018 Southern XC #1CheckendonU123046C&N Cycles / Sutton CC9 / 3979%20:34.6018:14.0012.9%n/an/a
 15th Apr 20182018 Mud Sweat & Gears XC - Eastern #3photo_libraryLee ValleyU12155C&N Cycles / Sutton CC14 / 3461%22:29.0018:38.0020.7%n/an/a
bookmark18th Feb 20182018 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1photoCrowthorne WoodU131389Sutton cc c and n cycles3 / 871%27:15.0025:11.008.2%1h46:08.00-74.3%
 13th Mar 20162016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Frith HillU111194Sutton CC9 / 1120%40:10.0030:53.0030.1%2h02:48.00-67.3%
 7th Feb 20162016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1photoCrowthorne WoodU111184Sutton CC8 / 1342%34:07.0026:03.0031%1h58:44.00-71.3%
 8th Mar 20152015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3Porridgepot HillU111147Pedal Heaven RT19 / 205%33:09.0023:16.0042.5%1h28:01.00-62.3%
 18th May 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #4Porridgepot HillU9268VC Meudon9 / 1853%7:59.005:58.0033.8%n/an/a
 16th Mar 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #1WasingU9287VC Meudon8 / 1446%7:26.004:42.0058.2%n/an/a
 2nd Mar 20142014 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Caesar's CampU111126VC Meudon10 / 1218%23:05.0014:29.0059.4%n/an/a
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