Edward CHARLES (juv)

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DateRace Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 British Cycling - Cyclo-cross National Championships '20photo_libraryShrewsbury Sports VillageU1413Charlotteville CC14 / 9085%38:00.4034:42.909.5%45:19.40-16.1%
 2019 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #5Pembrey Country ParkU1495Charlotteville CC13 / 6180%34:33.2031:49.608.6%58:49.00-41.3%
 2019 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #4South of England Event Centre, CrawleyU1484Charlotteville CC19 / 7375%32:12.6029:19.909.8%1h07:38.00-52.4%
 2018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #3South of England Event Centre, Crawley12-1497Charlotteville CC43 / 63n/an/a36:37.50n/a1h02:37.00n/a
 2018 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2photoArea 51U131300Charlotteville CC4 / 640%13:36.0011:56.0014%n/an/a
 2018 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1photoCrowthorne WoodU131388Charlotteville CC4 / 857%27:54.0025:11.0010.8%1h46:08.00-73.7%
emoji_events2017 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #4BordonU131375Charlotteville CC1 / 5100%7:29.007:29.000%n/an/a
emoji_events2017 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3Area 51U131366Charlotteville CC2 / 350%14:11.0013:14.007.2%n/an/a
 2016 Southern XC #4photo_libraryMatterley EstateU1228Charlotteville CC11 / 19n/an/a19:05.80n/an/an/a
 2016 Southern XC #3photo_libraryWasingU1228Charlotteville CC7 / 2170%17:51.1016:35.207.6%n/an/a
emoji_events2016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3photoFrimley GreenU111106Charlotteville CC2 / 783%23:51.0021:52.009.1%1h33:30.00-74.5%
 2016 Southern XC #1photoBlack ParkU1228Charlotteville CC10 / 2968%19:02.6017:35.208.3%n/an/a
 2016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Frith HillU111191Charlotteville CC5 / 1160%33:59.0030:53.0010%2h02:48.00-72.3%
 2016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1Crowthorne WoodU111175Charlotteville CC4 / 1375%29:03.0026:03.0011.5%1h58:44.00-75.5%
 2015 Pedalon Southern XC #5Porridgepot HillU11151Charlotteville CC5 / 1571%11:13.0011:00.002%n/an/a
 2015 Pedalon Southern XC #4BordonU11146Charlotteville CC6 / 1255%9:45.009:08.006.8%n/an/a
 2015 Pedalon Southern XC #3WasingU11159Charlotteville CC6 / 1044%15:25.0013:44.0012.3%n/an/a
 2015 Pedalon Southern XC #2Crow HillU11149Charlotteville CC5 / 1367%7:36.007:14.005.1%n/an/a
 2015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #4photoFrith HillU111129Charlotteville CC9 / 1438%32:58.0027:04.0021.8%1h41:19.00-67.5%
 2015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3Porridgepot HillU111113Charlotteville CC12 / 2042%28:07.0023:16.0020.9%1h28:01.00-68.1%
 2015 Pedalon Southern XC #1Black ParkU11196Charlotteville CC7 / 1557%16:55.0015:15.0010.9%n/an/a
 2015 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Crowthorne WoodU111127Charlotteville CC13 / 1620%31:42.0025:22.0025%1h35:31.00-66.8%
 2014 Pedalon Southern XC #5Queen Elizabeth Country ParkU9123Charlotteville Rascals8 / 1342%5:43.004:06.0039.4%n/an/a
 2014 Pedalon Southern XC #4Porridgepot HillU9175Charlotteville CC12 / 1835%8:42.005:58.0045.8%n/an/a
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