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gbHenry MARSH

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
27th Aug 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #9 - A-LineWhistler, BCOpen83/13137%5:25.36
9th Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #6 - Schleyer, Lower Whistler Downhill, Detroit Rock CityWhistler, BCOpen111/1218%3:42.08
2nd Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #5 - Funshine Rolly Drops, S&M, Blueseum, Wed. Night Delight, B-LineWhistler, BCOpen97/13227%3:16.50
18th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #4 - Fantastic, Lower Whistler DH, Afternoon Delight, Detroit Rock CityWhistler, BCOpen107/12716%3:23.33
11th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #3 - Upper Angry Pirate, Cruise Control, Shady Acres, Del Bocca Vista, EZ Does ItWhistler, BCOpen77/11634%3:50.37
4th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #2 - Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, Samurai Pizza Cat, Ho Chi MinWhistler, BCOpen91/13432%4:17.58
28th May 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #1 - B-Line, Heart of DarknessWhistler, BCOpen72/11236%6:10.44
28th Aug 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #8 - Chainless A-LineWhistler, BCOpen82/12535%5:20.24
31st Jul 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #7 - Joyride, Canadian Open, JoyrideWhistler, BCOpen66/8119%3:52.60
17th Jul 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #5 - Schleyer, Lower Detroit Rock CityWhistler, BCOpen90/12126%3:11.88
10th Jul 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #4 - Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, Samurai, Afternoon DelightWhistler, BCOpen103/13624%4:24.21
12th Jun 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #1 - B-Line, Heart of DarknessWhistler, BCChainless51/7532%6:15.29
18th Jul 20122012 Phat Wednesdays #6 - Dirt Merchant, Del Bocca VistaWhistler, BCSenior154/17512%3:39.00
27th Jun 20122012 Phat Wednesdays #3 - Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, SPC, Ho Chi MinWhistler, BCSenior113/13718%4:24.50
12th Mar 2011BUCS - DH Student Champs '11MoelfreSeniorUniversity of Sheffield151/38661%2:57.98
21st Mar 2010BUCS - Student Champs '10Ae ForestSeniorSheffield University273/2854%5:14.87
10th May 20092009 Caersws Cup #2CaerswsHardtail7/814%2:53.24
22nd Mar 2009BUCS - Student Champs '09UK Bike ParkSeniorSheffield University226/26314%2:11.73
Mega - Nukeproof
Mega - Nukeproof