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Date RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
bookmark17th Mar 20192019 Southern XC #1Matterley EstateOpen450Bournemouth Cycleworks1 / 42100%1h03:14.701h03:14.700%1h32:40.80-31.8%
 6th Jan 20192018/19 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #2Minley Manor2hr: 40+265610 / 65n/an/a1h46:47.00n/a3h49:07.00n/a
 8th Dec 2018Mini Enduro - Haibike Mini Endurophoto_libraryBikePark Wales40-4924025 / 4140%8:24.576:46.7124.1%6:09.9736.4%
 15th Jul 20182018 Southern XC #4Matterley Estate40-496203Uk Biking bournemouth cycle works11 / 2457%1h27:31.101h14:50.3016.9%1h23:05.705.3%
 6th May 2018Gorrick - Kawasaki G100 Enduro ChallengeMinley Manor4 lap235 / 4190%2h58:37.002h46:16.007.4%4h29:34.00-33.7%
 15th Oct 2017Gorrick - Cool MTB ChallengeAndover Leisure Centre45km112n/a (sportive)n/a3h28:50.00n/an/an/an/a
 25th Jun 20172017 Southern XC #4Matterley Estate40-496118U.K. Biking Bournemouth cycleworks Trek21 / 3235%1h28:50.301h15:09.7018.2%1h26:42.502.5%
 28th May 20172017 Southern XC #3photo_libraryCrow Hill40-496405U.K. Biking Bournemouth cycle works trek23 / 3637%1h43:12.201h28:34.4016.5%1h41:08.602%
 29th Apr 20172017 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #4Bordon40+ Plus571UK-Biking Bounremouth Cycleworks Trek16 / 3859%1h13:34.001h06:19.0010.9%1h21:36.00-9.8%
 16th Apr 20172017 Southern XC #2photo_libraryCheckendon40-496414UK-Biking Cycleworks Trek21 / 4352%1h27:24.801h18:21.1011.6%1h18:21.1011.6%
 18th Dec 20162016/17 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #1photo_libraryWindmill Hill4hr: 40-494849UK Biking13 / 37n/an/a3h35:45.00n/a3h31:51.00n/a
 13th Nov 2016Thrive - New Forest XCWarehamOpen1049 / 63n/an/a2h10:12.50n/a2h10:12.50n/a
 5th Jun 20162016 Southern XC #5photo_libraryCrow Hill40-49750UK-Biking Cycleworks17 / 3045%1h45:05.701h25:14.2023.3%1h37:58.907.3%
 22nd May 2016Run and Ride - Summer ClassicCannock ChaseFun12720 / 4658%1h12:46.001h01:42.0017.9%1h20:59.00-10.2%
 20th Mar 20162016 Southern XC #1photo_libraryBlack Park40-49379UK-Biking Copyrite27 / 4338%1h45:19.101h28:59.5018.4%1h43:01.102.2%
 7th Feb 20162016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #1photo_libraryCrowthorne Wood40+ Plus770UK Biking Copyrite Race Team26 / 4543%1h51:24.001h36:56.0014.9%1h58:44.00-6.2%
bookmark23rd Jan 20162015/16 G8 Events Winter Series #3photo_libraryThetford Forest2hr: Sport2933 / 1078%2h13:55.602h00:52.6010.8%4h20:09.00-48.5%
 29th Nov 2015Thrive - New Forest XCphoto_libraryWarehamOpen317 / 7592%2h18:05.202h02:44.7012.5%2h02:44.7012.5%
 27th Sep 2015Ard Events - Yorkshire MTB Marathonphoto_librarySwaledaleU4022523 / 6968%5h36:13.003h34:12.0057%3h27:42.0061.9%
 7th Jun 2015Thrive - Wareham XCphoto_libraryWarehamSinglespeed3016 / 6n/an/a2h15:39.30n/a1h59:51.60n/a
 26th Apr 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #2Crow Hill40-49306Copyrite / UK Biking30 / 4229%2h00:40.001h37:55.0023.2%1h45:02.0014.9%
 22nd Feb 20152014/15 Thetford Winter XC #4Thetford Forest2hr50276 / 86n/an/a2h12:44.00n/a4h16:10.00n/a
 18th May 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #4Porridgepot HillOpen317UK-Biking Primera43 / 46n/an/a1h03:54.00n/a1h35:53.00n/a
 27th Apr 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #3Crow HillOpen253Primera / UK Biking12 / 4474%1h52:38.001h29:56.0025.2%1h51:08.001.4%
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