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DateRace Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsor(s) Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
bookmark11th Aug 20192019 Scottish XC #5Lochore Meadows Country ParkSport314 +TEAM3 / 660%54:28.3452:32.283.7%1h33:23.73-41.7%
 30th Jun 2019Coupar Angus Cycling Festival - Ballo Endurophoto_libraryBalloWomen60Pedals Bike Care +TEAM4 / 750%15:12.4912:30.6621.6%8:47.2973.1%
bookmark16th Jun 20192019 Scottish XC #4photo_libraryKirkhillSport313 +TEAM2 / 680%1h08:20.091h05:52.553.7%1h31:59.05-25.7%
bookmark25th May 2019Tweedlove - Glentress 7photo_libraryGlentress35-4971 +TEAM1 / 6100%6h53:31.006h53:31.000%7h03:57.00-2.5%
bookmark27th Apr 2019No Fuss Events - 10 under the Benphoto_libraryFort WilliamSolo: 19-3968Pedals Bike Care +TEAM2 / 8n/an/a10h28:45.00n/a10h17:35.00n/a
bookmark7th Apr 2019Muckmedden - 6hourphoto_libraryPitmedden30-394 +TEAM1 / 10100%6h20:09.006h20:09.000%6h02:09.005%
bookmark31st Mar 20192019 Scottish XC #2DalbeattieSport313 +TEAM2 / 350%1h07:18.001h01:22.009.7%1h30:15.00-25.4%
bookmark17th Mar 20192019 Scottish XC #1photo_libraryCathkin Braes Country ParkSport314 +TEAM1 / 8100%1h05:22.001h05:22.000%1h25:05.00-23.2%
 9th Jun 2018Tweedlove - Gritopiaphoto_libraryPeeblesOpen75 +TEAMn/a (sportive)n/a3h23:47.00n/an/an/an/a
bookmark26th May 2018Tweedlove - Glentress 7photo_libraryGlentress35-4977 +TEAM1 / 12100%7h05:55.007h05:55.000%7h07:14.00-0.3%
bookmark13th May 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #3GlentressFun88 +TEAM1 / 8100%24:24.6024:24.600%1h37:10.00-74.9%
bookmark29th Apr 20182018 Scottish XC #3photo_libraryCathkin Braes Country ParkSport503 +TEAM3 / 660%1h02:26.4956:03.2111.4%1h23:21.92-25.1%
bookmark18th Sep 20162016 Scottish XC #6ForfarSenior102 +TEAM1 / 2100%1h18:56.061h18:56.060%1h29:31.59-11.8%
bookmark21st Aug 20162016 Scottish XC #5Blairadam, FifeSenior101 +TEAM1 / 2100%1h39:27.001h39:27.000%1h23:02.0019.8%
 23rd Jul 2016Air Maiden - MaidEndurophoto_libraryInnerleithenCougar11Pedals Bike Care +TEAM6 / 1462%14:07.009:21.0051%0%
bookmark27th Mar 20162016 Scottish XC #1Laggan WolftraxSenior106 +TEAM1 / 5100%1h17:04.601h17:04.600%1h29:32.70-13.9%
 25th Oct 2015Muckmedden - Fair City Endurophoto_libraryPerth30-39221 +TEAM6 / 1358%20:00.0018:00.0011.1%13:17.0050.6%
 27th Jun 2015Muckmedden - Cream o' the Croft FunduroComrie CroftMaster21Pedals Bike Care +TEAM4 / 1273%30:50.0027:04.0013.9%21:44.0041.9%
 2nd May 2015Durty Events - Selkirk MarathonphotoSelkirk75km: Sportive1153 +TEAM7 / 1763%6h54:59.004h58:15.0039.1%3h46:50.0083%
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