Oliver BAKER

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Riders detailed below are regularly within 3% of Oliver BAKER *

Note: these stats ONLY refer to the races where you were within 3% of each other, otherwise the table would list many many more riders. As such, it ignores races with bigger gaps, and the statistics shown refer only to the close results.

To keep matches relevant, only races from 2019/2020 are considered

20 nemeses found

Name Close results BeatLost Beat% Lost%
Sullivan BERRY8445050compare »
Samuel HOWES5418020compare »
Spencer DAVIES5418020compare »
Joshua BACKHOUSE5234060compare »
Leon DAWES3216733compare »
Jamie GOSTICK2201000compare »
Luke HAZELL2201000compare »
William SHIELD2201000compare »
Frederick FULLER2201000compare »
Michael TAIT3123466compare »
Sam MCGHEE2115050compare »
George MARSHALL (jun)2115050compare »
Oliver COUGHLAN2115050compare »
Gregor ROBB2115050compare »
Joe BROOKES2115050compare »
Finton PRICE2115050compare »
Dean HARVEY2115050compare »
Flynn GREGORY3030100compare »
Ben CHILTON2020100compare »
Patrick KIEHLMANN2020100compare »

*3% = 4 seconds on a 2 minute track, 10 seconds on a 5 minute track.

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