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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
30th Mar 2014Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanMaster7/3180%1:12.39
26th Jan 2014Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanMaster18/5267%1:38.27
7th Apr 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #1Forest of DeanMaster11/2355%1:55.76
24th Feb 2013Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanMaster15/4770%1:37.64
3rd Feb 2013Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanMaster27/4845%1:04.39
29th Jan 2012Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanMaster31/7962%1:08.27
4th Dec 2011Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior32/9166%1:12.26
31st Aug 20112011 Phat Wednesdays #6 - Chainless A-LineWhistler, BCSenior84/10923%5:17.15
5th Jun 20112011 Mr Bling #2PenshurstSenior28/4234%49.89s
22nd May 20112011 Mr Bling #1PenshurstSenior29/4028%53.25s
17th Apr 20112010/11 Mr Bling winter #6PenshurstSenior15/2336%49.66s
20th Feb 2011Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSeniorDiamondback27/7263%1:22.45
20th Feb 20112010/11 Mr Bling winter #4PenshurstSenior14/2750%54.72s
22nd Aug 20042004 Dragon Downhill #9GethinSeniorRedneck36/4317%3:52.15
1st Aug 20042004 Midlands Super Series #6 & Midland ChampsEastridgeSenior35/6446%1:54.46
4th Jul 20042004 Midlands Super Series #5BalaSenior42/5828%4:17.44

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