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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 UCI - XCO World Championships '19Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite10004188865 & 198764Argentina63 / 9333%n/a1h27:05.00n/a1h27:05.00n/a
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #6LenzerheideElite10004188865 & 1987143MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM65 / 11644%1h27:55.001h17:50.0013%1h17:50.0013%
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #5Val di SoleElite10004188865 & 198788MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM95 / 12222%n/a1h20:47.00n/a1h20:47.00n/a
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #2Nové MestoElite10004188865 & 198782MMR FACTORY RACING TEAMDNF / 1310%n/a1h21:54.00n/a1h21:54.00n/a
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #1Bikepark AlbstadtElite10004188865 & 198777MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM45 / 13968%1h30:32.001h23:54.007.9%1h17:42.0016.5%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '18LenzerheideElite10004188865 & 198724Argentina27 / 9071%1h34:33.001h29:21.005.8%1h29:21.005.8%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #7La BresseElite10004188865 & 19872440 / 12067%1h34:30.001h26:25.009.4%1h26:25.009.4%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #6photo_libraryMont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite10004188865 & 198724MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM38 / 5936%1h36:31.001h27:26.0010.4%1h27:26.0010.4%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC Short Track #5photo_libraryMont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite10004188865 & 198724MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM34 / 4015%23:33.0021:41.008.6%21:41.008.6%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #5VallnordElite10004188865 & 1987?66 / 10034%n/a1h32:05.00n/a1h32:05.00n/a
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #4Val di SoleElite10004188865 & 198724MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM38 / 11568%1h32:24.001h26:32.006.8%1h26:32.006.8%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #3Nové MestoElite10004188865 & 1987?MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM53 / 14564%1h26:51.001h21:31.006.5%1h21:31.006.5%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtElite10004188865 & 198713MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM27 / 13881%1h33:45.001h28:07.006.4%1h28:07.006.4%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #1Stellenbosch, WCElite10004188865 & 198728MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM13 / 9988%1h33:25.001h30:14.003.5%1h30:14.003.5%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '17Cairns, QLDElite10004188865 & 198720Argentina11 / 7586%1h30:23.001h27:44.003%1h27:44.003%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #6Val di SoleElite10004188865 & 198721PRIMAFLOR MONDRAKER35 / 8660%1h29:04.001h24:30.005.4%1h24:30.005.4%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #4LenzerheideElite10004188865 & 198723PRIMAFLOR MONDRAKER27 / 10675%1h34:06.001h29:48.004.8%1h28:48.006%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #3VallnordElite10004188865 & 198723PRIMAFLOR MONDRAKER47 / 10254%1h29:21.001h23:28.007.1%1h23:28.007.1%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtElite10004188865 & 198724PRIMAFLOR MONDRAKER43 / 13368%1h40:58.001h33:38.007.8%1h33:38.007.8%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #1Nové MestoElite10004188865 & 198716PRIMAFLOR MONDRAKER61 / 12953%1h36:23.001h27:35.0010.1%1h27:35.0010.1%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #6VallnordEliteARG1987042919MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM46 / 8748%1h34:45.001h26:08.0010%1h26:08.0010%
 UCI - Olympic XCORio de JaneiroElite925 / 4950%1h42:01.001h33:28.009.2%1h33:28.009.2%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #4LenzerheideEliteARG1987042918MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM49 / 10755%1h37:14.001h27:26.0011.2%1h27:26.0011.2%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '16Nové MestoEliteARG198704299Argentina36 / 10466%1h35:14.001h28:20.007.8%1h28:20.007.8%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #3La BresseEliteARG1987042919MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM29 / 13379%1h33:41.001h26:38.008.1%1h26:38.008.1%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtEliteARG1987042911MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM35 / 14877%1h34:47.001h28:38.006.9%1h28:38.006.9%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #1Cairns, QLDEliteARG1987042911MMR FACTORY RACING TEAM11 / 8788%1h29:55.001h27:44.002.5%1h27:44.002.5%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '15VallnordEliteARG1987042928Argentina38 / 10865%1h39:22.001h29:22.0011.2%1h29:22.0011.2%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #6Val di SoleEliteARG198704292453 / 11052%1h35:57.001h27:38.009.5%1h27:38.009.5%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #5Windham, NYEliteARG198704292523 / 8574%1h36:23.001h30:55.006%1h30:55.006%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #4Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCEliteARG198704292824 / 8773%1h33:18.001h27:19.006.9%1h27:19.006.9%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #3LenzerheideEliteARG198704292912 / 10589%1h32:47.001h29:00.004.3%1h29:00.004.3%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtEliteARG198704292959 / 14760%n/a1h30:36.00n/a1h30:36.00n/a
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #1Nové MestoEliteARG198704293043 / 14972%1h41:53.001h33:27.009%1h33:27.009%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '14Hafjell Bike ParkEliteARG1987042928Argentina24 / 10678%1h36:04.001h27:06.0010.3%1h27:06.0010.3%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #7MéribelEliteARG1987042928MMR BIKES PRO TEAM54 / 9745%1h43:38.001h33:06.0011.3%1h33:06.0011.3%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #6Windham, NYEliteARG1987042934MMR BIKES PRO TEAM22 / 10079%1h46:32.001h40:58.005.5%1h40:58.005.5%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #5Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCEliteARG1987042933MMR BIKES PRO TEAM35 / 10266%1h46:56.001h38:15.008.8%1h38:15.008.8%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #4Bikepark AlbstadtEliteARG1987042940MMR BIKES PRO TEAM63 / 9433%n/a1h29:24.00n/a1h29:24.00n/a
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #3Nové MestoEliteARG19870429159MMR BIKES PRO TEAM93 / 15239%n/a1h28:33.00n/a1h28:33.00n/a
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #6Hafjell Bike ParkEliteARG1987042941WILD WOLF TREK PRO RACINGDNF / 810%n/a1h36:19.00n/a1h36:19.00n/a
 UCI - XCO World Championships '13Pietermaritzburg, KZNEliteARG1987042949ArgentinaDNF / 750%n/a1h40:17.00n/a1h40:17.00n/a
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #4VallnordEliteARG1987042946WILD WOLF TREK PRO RACING46 / 8546%1h35:14.001h27:07.009.3%1h27:07.009.3%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #3Val di SoleEliteARG1987042939WILD WOLF TREK PRO RACING64 / 11042%n/a1h32:47.00n/a1h32:47.00n/a
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #2Nové MestoEliteARG1987042939WILD WOLF TREK PRO RACING60 / 12251%1h51:16.001h39:33.0011.8%1h39:33.0011.8%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #1Bikepark AlbstadtEliteARG1987042942WILD WOLF TREK PRO RACING55 / 12356%1h53:10.001h42:36.0010.3%1h42:36.0010.3%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '12LeogangEliteARG19870429105Argentina38 / 9962%1h51:21.001h40:55.0010.3%1h40:55.0010.3%
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