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gbDavid WEEKS

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
29th Jul 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #7Whistler, BCOpen62/7113%3:22.10
15th Jul 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #6Whistler, BCOpen80/889%3:43.43
1st Jul 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #5Whistler, BCOpen55/9643%4:08.73
17th Jun 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #4Whistler, BCOpen75/13946%4:16.00
10th Jun 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #3Whistler, BCOpen65/11343%3:12.44
3rd Jun 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #2Whistler, BCOpen95/13530%4:17.06
27th May 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #1Whistler, BCOpen53/13461%3:33.45
27th Aug 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #9Whistler, BCOpen38/13172%5:03.06
30th Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #8Whistler, BCOpen50/559%23:54.42
16th Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #7Whistler, BCOpen44/8649%5:45.40
9th Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #6Whistler, BCOpen58/12153%2:50.39
2nd Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #5Whistler, BCOpen64/13252%3:10.33
18th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #4Whistler, BCOpen121/1275%4:54.42
11th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #3Whistler, BCOpen45/11662%3:39.09
4th Jun 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #2Whistler, BCOpen67/13450%4:10.08
28th May 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #1Whistler, BCOpen53/11253%6:04.82
28th Aug 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #8Whistler, BCOpen58/12554%5:02.76
17th Jul 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #5Whistler, BCOpen99/12118%3:21.55
26th Jun 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #2Whistler, BCOpen105/14729%3:38.03
12th Jun 20132013 Phat Wednesdays #1Whistler, BCOpen22/7170%6:07.20
24th Mar 2012BUCS - Barefoot Wine MTB DH Champs '12RheolaOpenUniversity of Nottingham-/2430%
12th Mar 2011BUCS - DH Student Champs '11MoelfreSeniorUniversity of NottinghamDNS/3860%
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Ritchey Trail WCS components - designed specifically for today's trail bikes