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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 UCI - XCO World Championships '20LeogangElite10003659005 & 198442Switzerland45 / 9252%1h34:24.001h25:37.0010.3%1h25:37.0010.3%
 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #2Nové MestoElite10003659005 & 19847228 / 12578%1h27:30.001h25:03.002.9%1h25:03.002.9%
 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #1Nové MestoElite10003659005 & 19847212 / 11991%1h36:12.001h34:39.001.6%1h34:39.001.6%
 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC Short Track #2Nové MestoElite10003659005 & 198440DNF / 400%n/a19:02.00n/a19:02.00n/a
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #7Snowshoe, WVElite10003659005 & 198485BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM12 / 7886%1h27:15.001h26:09.001.3%1h26:09.001.3%
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #6LenzerheideElite10003659005 & 198493BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM25 / 11679%1h22:57.001h17:50.006.6%1h17:50.006.6%
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #5Val di SoleElite10003659005 & 1984101BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM20 / 12284%1h25:29.001h20:47.005.8%1h20:47.005.8%
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #4Les GetsElite10003659005 & 198490BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM34 / 11872%1h27:17.001h22:10.006.2%1h22:10.006.2%
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #3VallnordElite10003659005 & 198486BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM45 / 10959%1h25:46.001h19:34.007.8%1h19:34.007.8%
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #2Nové MestoElite10003659005 & 198486BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM63 / 13152%1h30:19.001h21:54.0010.3%1h21:54.0010.3%
 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #1Bikepark AlbstadtElite10003659005 & 198471BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM46 / 13967%1h30:52.001h23:54.008.3%1h17:42.0017%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #7La BresseElite10003659005 & 19842631 / 12075%1h33:35.001h26:25.008.3%1h26:25.008.3%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #5VallnordElite10003659005 & 1984?THÖMUS - RN RACING TEAM26 / 10075%1h38:02.001h32:05.006.5%1h32:05.006.5%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #4Val di SoleElite10003659005 & 198426THÖMUS - RN RACING TEAM22 / 11582%1h30:28.001h26:32.004.6%1h26:32.004.6%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #3Nové MestoElite10003659005 & 1984?THÖMUS - RN RACING TEAM26 / 14583%1h24:18.001h21:31.003.4%1h21:31.003.4%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtElite10003659005 & 198431THÖMUS - RN RACING TEAM8 / 13895%1h29:58.001h28:07.002.1%1h28:07.002.1%
 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #1Stellenbosch, WCElite10003659005 & 198426THÖMUS - RN RACING TEAMDNF / 990%n/a1h30:14.00n/a1h30:14.00n/a
 UCI - XCO World Championships '17Cairns, QLDElite10003659005 & 198421Switzerland6 / 7593%1h28:57.001h27:44.001.4%1h27:44.001.4%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #6Val di SoleElite10003659005 & 198416BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM14 / 8685%1h26:58.001h24:30.002.9%1h24:30.002.9%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #5Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite10003659005 & 198421BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM28 / 6457%1h36:53.001h31:51.005.5%1h31:51.005.5%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #4LenzerheideElite10003659005 & 198420BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM12 / 10690%1h31:54.001h29:48.002.3%1h28:48.003.5%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #3VallnordElite10003659005 & 198422BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM12 / 10289%1h25:30.001h23:28.002.4%1h23:28.002.4%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtElite10003659005 & 198423BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM29 / 13379%1h39:06.001h33:38.005.8%1h33:38.005.8%
 2017 UCI World Cup XC #1Nové MestoElite10003659005 & 198414BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM18 / 12987%1h31:41.001h27:35.004.7%1h27:35.004.7%
 2016 Enduro World Series #8Finale LigureOpenSUI.FLUL.198420767 / 20768%42:32.1638:28.1510.6%38:28.1510.6%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #6VallnordEliteSUI1984013116BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM11 / 8788%1h28:34.001h26:08.002.8%1h26:08.002.8%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #5Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCEliteSUI1984013122BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM11 / 6584%1h32:52.001h29:37.003.6%1h29:37.003.6%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #4LenzerheideEliteSUI1984013125BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM9 / 10792%1h30:15.001h27:26.003.2%1h27:26.003.2%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '16Nové MestoEliteSUI1984013122Switzerland12 / 10489%1h32:17.001h28:20.004.5%1h28:20.004.5%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #3La BresseEliteSUI1984013121BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM27 / 13380%1h33:26.001h26:38.007.9%1h26:38.007.9%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtEliteSUI1984013120BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM14 / 14891%1h32:35.001h28:38.004.5%1h28:38.004.5%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #1Cairns, QLDEliteSUI1984013112BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM44 / 8750%1h34:14.001h27:44.007.4%1h27:44.007.4%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '15VallnordEliteSUI198401318Switzerland12 / 10890%1h33:33.001h29:22.004.7%1h29:22.004.7%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #6Val di SoleEliteSUI1984013110BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM10 / 11092%1h29:57.001h27:38.002.6%1h27:38.002.6%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #5photo_libraryWindham, NYEliteSUI1984013112BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM7 / 8593%1h33:16.001h30:55.002.6%1h30:55.002.6%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #4Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCEliteSUI1984013117BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM7 / 8793%1h30:06.001h27:19.003.2%1h27:19.003.2%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #3LenzerheideEliteSUI198401318BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM59 / 10544%n/a1h29:00.00n/a1h29:00.00n/a
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtEliteSUI1984013112BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM7 / 14796%1h33:29.001h30:36.003.2%1h30:36.003.2%
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #1Nové MestoEliteSUI198401318BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM12 / 14993%1h37:58.001h33:27.004.8%1h33:27.004.8%
 UCI - XCO World Championships '14Hafjell Bike ParkEliteSUI1984013113Switzerland7 / 10694%1h31:31.001h27:06.005.1%1h27:06.005.1%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #7MéribelEliteSUI1984013111BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM4 / 9797%1h33:52.001h33:06.000.8%1h33:06.000.8%
emoji_events2014 UCI World Cup XC #6Windham, NYEliteSUI1984013113BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM3 / 10098%1h41:14.001h40:58.000.3%1h40:58.000.3%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #5Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCEliteSUI1984013125BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM4 / 10297%1h40:04.001h38:15.001.9%1h38:15.001.9%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #4Bikepark AlbstadtEliteSUI1984013122BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM10 / 9490%1h32:53.001h29:24.003.9%1h29:24.003.9%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #3Nové MestoEliteSUI1984013120BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM16 / 15290%1h31:17.001h28:33.003.1%1h28:33.003.1%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #1Pietermaritzburg, KZNEliteSUI198401319BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM13 / 7784%1h42:00.001h38:05.004%1h38:05.004%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #6Hafjell Bike ParkEliteSUI1984013110BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAMDNS / 810%n/a1h36:19.00n/a1h36:19.00n/a
 UCI - XCO World Championships '13Pietermaritzburg, KZNEliteSUI198401315SwitzerlandDNF / 750%n/a1h40:17.00n/a1h40:17.00n/a
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #4VallnordEliteSUI198401312BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM22 / 8575%1h30:26.001h27:07.003.8%1h27:07.003.8%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #3Val di SoleEliteSUI198401315BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM4 / 11097%1h35:15.001h32:47.002.7%1h32:47.002.7%
emoji_events2013 UCI World Cup XC #2Nové MestoEliteSUI198401317BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM3 / 12298%1h40:18.001h39:33.000.8%1h39:33.000.8%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #1Bikepark AlbstadtEliteSUI1984013110BMC MOUNTAINBIKE RACING TEAM5 / 12397%1h43:07.001h42:36.000.5%1h42:36.000.5%
emoji_eventsUCI - XCO World Championships '12LeogangEliteSUI1984013110Switzerland2 / 9999%1h41:24.001h40:55.000.5%1h40:55.000.5%
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