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22 events found

DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 Union Cycliste Internationale - E-bike XC World Championships '20LeogangElite10008113123 & 199510Netherlands18 / 4561%1h11:12.001h01:41.0015.4%1h01:41.0015.4%
 Union Cycliste Internationale - E-bike XC World Championships '19Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCElite10008113123 & 199510Netherlands8 / 4584%1h07:54.001h04:53.004.7%1h04:53.004.7%
 2018 Enduro World Series #5photoLa ThuileOpen233DNF / 244n/an/a59:53.27n/a59:53.27n/a
 2018 Cannondale Enduro Tour #2St-Marie-aux-Mines19-3999Salles Flamends23 / 21290%21:53.2419:07.2214.5%19:07.2214.5%
 2018 Cannondale Enduro Tour #1Raon-l'Etape19-39?41 / 23883%20:10.0017:58.8812.2%17:58.8812.2%
 2017 Cannondale Enduro Tour #4Guebwiller19-39?Les petits belges @CET26 / 20888%29:52.0026:38.0012.1%26:38.0012.1%
 2017 Cannondale Enduro Tour #3Muhlbach-sur-Bruche19-39?39 / 22083%21:48.8218:42.8516.6%18:42.8516.6%
 2017 Enduro World Series #3Machico, MadeiraOpenNED.VANK.1995138170 / 20015%1h13:19.2849:24.4948.4%49:24.4948.4%
 2017 Cannondale Enduro Tour #1Raon-l'Etape19-39?4Bikes Specialized29 / 24689%20:11.9917:30.1815.4%17:30.1815.4%
 2016 UCI World Cup XC #4LenzerheideU23NED1995092210274 / 109n/an/a1h16:03.00n/a1h27:26.00n/a
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #6Val di SoleU23NED19950922113MPL Specialized MTB Team97 / 118n/an/a1h18:31.00n/a1h27:38.00n/a
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #3LenzerheideU23NED1995092249MPL Specialized MTB Team- / 103n/an/a1h18:14.00n/a1h29:00.00n/a
 2015 UCI World Cup XC #2Bikepark AlbstadtU23NED1995092268MPL Specialized MTB Team99 / 134n/an/a1h21:38.00n/a1h30:36.00n/a
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #7MéribelU23NED1995092247MPL Specialized MTB Team57 / 9842%1h32:17.001h21:31.0013.2%1h33:06.00-0.9%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #6Windham, NYU23NED1995092239MPL Specialized MTB Team35 / 5132%1h24:29.001h13:53.0014.4%1h40:58.00-16.3%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #5Mont-Sainte-Anne, QCU23NED1995092247MPL Specialized MTB Team24 / 5255%1h39:06.001h28:18.0012.2%1h38:15.000.9%
 2014 UCI World Cup XC #3Nové MestoU23NED19950922103MPL Specialized MTB Team56 / 14161%1h26:28.001h16:05.0013.7%1h28:33.00-2.4%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #6Hafjell Bike Park17-18NED1995092215Netherlands24 / 5557%1h22:35.001h15:26.009.5%1h36:19.00-14.3%
 Union Cycliste Internationale - XCO World Championships '13Pietermaritzburg, KZN17-18NED1995092254Netherlands13 / 7684%1h25:56.001h20:06.007.3%1h40:17.00-14.3%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #3Val di Sole17-18NED199509229NetherlandsDNF / 87n/an/a1h12:36.00n/a1h32:47.00n/a
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #2Nové Mesto17-18NED1995092211Netherlands22 / 11582%1h09:56.001h04:51.007.8%1h39:33.00-29.8%
 2013 UCI World Cup XC #1Bikepark Albstadt17-18NED1995092284Netherlands9 / 12994%1h12:48.001h11:02.002.5%1h42:36.00-29%
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