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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
4th Sep 20162016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Autumn #1EastridgeMaster8/7090%5:15.78
28th May 2016MIJ - Conquer The CliffAberystwythMaster7/2676%1:30.94
22nd May 20162016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring #5Eastridge30-3917/8280%8:13.09
5th Mar 20162016 One Industries Mini Enduro #1Bike Park Wales30-3954/13360%12:31.93
18th Oct 20152015 One Industries Mini Enduro #3Forest of DeanMaster9/11793%6:57.09
25th Jan 2015Racers Guild - DH EventStile CopOpen10/8489%1:18.50
15th Jun 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #3CaerswsMaster5/4691%9:31.10
12th May 20132013 One Industries Mini Enduro #2EastridgeSenior13/6180%7:28.80
21st Sep 20082008 NPS #5InnerleithenExpert32/359%3:39.48
20th Jul 2008Pearce Events - UK National Champs '08Rhyd y FelinExpertDescent-Gear.com go to site / Ticket2ridebc.com go to site33/4222%3:21.85
6th Jul 20082008 NPS #3Fort WilliamExpertDescent-Gear.com go to site / Ticket2ridebc.com go to site35/3911%6:11.00
14th Oct 20072007 NPS #5InnerleithenSeniorWylie and Holland8/3881%3:20.65
2nd Sep 20072007 NPS #4CaerswsSeniorWylie and Holland16/5069%1:55.23
12th Aug 20072007 NPS #3MoelfreSeniorWylie and Holland35/4828%3:00.17
15th Jul 2007Dragon Downhill - UK National Champs '07RheolaSeniorWylie and Holland7/3884%3:46.55
1st Jul 20072007 Pearce Cycles #3 & Midland ChampsBringewoodSeniorWylie and Holland1/57100%3:16.61
24th Jun 2007Dragon Downhill - Welsh ChampsRheolaSeniorWylie and Holland8/6088%3:49.00
27th May 20072007 NPS #2Ae ForestSeniorWylie and Holland14/5174%2:39.88
22nd Apr 20072007 NPS #1InnerleithenSeniorWylie and Holland6/4689%3:33.53
25th Mar 2007BUCS - Student Champs '07DunkeldSeniorNottingham Trent4/16498%2:37.33
27th Aug 20062006 Midlands Series #5KinnertonSeniorWylie and Holland16/6275%3:31.03
18th Jun 20062006 Midlands Series #3Rhyd y FelinSeniorWylie and Holland8/8191%3:05.03
14th May 20062006 CRC NPS #2InnerleithenSeniorWylie and Holland20/6068%4:14.09
9th Apr 20062006 CRC NPS #1Rugog FarmSeniorWylie and Holland38/4210%5:17.59
2nd Apr 20062006 Midlands Series #1 & Midland ChampsHoptonSeniorWylie and Holland4/10097%3:42.61
16th Oct 20052005 Midlands Super Series #6RadnorSeniorWylie and Holland3/8298%1:57.85
26th Jun 20052005 Midlands Super Series #4CaerswsSeniorWylie and Holland3/4696%2:32.98
19th Jun 20052005 Dragon Downhill #6GethinSeniorWylie and Holland3/6897%3:08.38
18th Jun 20052005 Dragon Downhill #5GethinSeniorWylie and Holland8/7791%3:19.10
29th May 20052005 Midlands Super Series #3RadnorSeniorWylie and Holland5/7595%1:53.20
1st May 20052005 Midlands Super Series #2CaerswsSeniorWylie and Holland7/7492%2:55.00
17th Apr 20052005 Midlands Super Series #1HoptonSeniorWylie & Holland5/6994%3:06.52
13th Mar 20052005 Specialized winter #3BringewoodSeniorWylie and Holland5/8995%2:38.38
17th Oct 20042004 Midlands Super Series #7RadnorSenior7/7191%2:05.71
22nd Aug 20042004 Dragon Downhill #9GethinSenior8/4383%3:19.65
21st Aug 20042004 Dragon Downhill #8GethinSenior7/4386%3:27.06
1st Aug 20042004 Midlands Super Series #6 & Midland ChampsEastridgeSenior23/6465%1:49.73
1st May 20042004 Midlands Super Series #2CaerswsSenior11/9189%2:47.73
22nd Feb 20042004 Specialized winter #2BringewoodSenior20/7374%2:56.42
18th Jan 20042004 Specialized winter #1BringewoodSenior14/7181%3:14.41
6th Jun 2003SDA - Scottish Champs '03Fort WilliamSenior51/7936%5:40.70