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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
2020 South West XC #1Woodbury Common50-59120Taw Velo8 / 1550%2h03:20.801h43:34.8019.1%1h37:40.9026.3%
South West XC - Ashcombe night XC raceAshcombe50+1212588?Taw Velo4 / 525%n/an/an/a
2019 South West XC #6Mount Edgcumbe50-59656Taw Velo5 / 950%1h31:43.001h22:01.0011.8%1h41:25.00-9.6%
2019 South West XC #5Ashcombe50-59103Taw Velo6 / 938%1h39:40.001h27:47.0013.5%1h27:35.0013.8%
2019 South West XC #4Bratton50-59595Taw Velo7 / 925%2h00:00.001h47:28.0011.7%1h43:56.0015.5%
2019 South West XC #2Woody's Bike Park50-59288Taw Velo9 / 1120%n/a1h35:40.00n/a1h35:01.00n/a
2019 South West XC #1Woodbury Common50-59119Taw Velo5 / 1469%1h38:43.001h31:11.008.3%1h30:56.008.6%
2018/19 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1Newnham Park50+56Taw Velo3 / 1180%1h33:21.001h29:15.004.6%1h24:04.0011%
2018 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1Newnham Park50+679Taw Velo6 / 1150%n/a2h01:11.00n/a2h01:04.00n/a
2017 South West XC #2Hustyn Wood, Bodmin50-59257Taw Velo10 / 1431%1h29:49.001h12:48.0023.4%1h41:13.00-11.3%
2017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #3Newnham Park50+397Taw Velo6 / 1564%1h32:03.001h24:43.008.7%1h18:21.0017.5%
2017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #2Newnham Park50+219Taw Velo3 / 1586%1h36:56.001h31:08.006.4%1h30:41.006.9%
2017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1Newnham Park50+53Taw Velo5 / 1978%1h48:15.001h31:39.0018.1%1h13:47.0046.7%
2016 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #3Newnham Park40-49399Taw Velo17 / 2016%1h49:23.001h19:00.0038.5%1h27:33.0024.9%
2016 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #2Newnham Park40-49256Taw Velo18 / 2529%1h35:33.001h12:04.0032.6%1h31:43.004.2%
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