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28 events found

DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 2020 WA Gravity Enduro #7Pemberton, WAU1530530 / 8465%14:17.4412:17.0316.3%n/an/a
emoji_eventsPDMBC - WA State ChampsLinga Longa Bike Park, WAU151453 / 1180%2:40.552:29.947.1%2:08.7724.7%
emoji_events2020 WA State Series #3Poikies, WAU15?1 / 8100%1:32.701:32.700%1:18.2918.4%
emoji_events2020 WA State Series #2Yarloop, WAU151451 / 6100%2:04.812:04.810%1:51.2712.2%
emoji_events2020 WA State Series #1Wellington Mills, WAU151453 / 1383%2:39.532:25.829.4%2:08.8523.8%
 2020 WA Gravity Enduro #2Dunsborough, WAU1530524 / 8071%9:58.148:45.0513.9%n/an/a
 2020 WA Gravity Enduro #1Margaret River, WAU1530516 / 9284%8:17.417:28.6010.9%n/an/a
emoji_events2019 WA State Series #6Linga Longa Bike Park, WAU131451 / 5100%2:54.392:54.390%2:07.7536.5%
emoji_events2019 WA State Series #5Dwellingup, WAU131451 / 2100%2:10.842:10.840%1:32.3841.6%
emoji_events2019 WA State Series #4Mt Clarence, WAU131451 / 3100%1:42.571:42.570%1:26.6618.4%
emoji_events2019 WA State Series #3Wellington Mills, WAU131451 / 4100%1:23.941:23.940%1:09.9220.1%
emoji_events2019 WA State Series #2Yarloop, WAU131451 / 4100%2:21.582:21.580%1:58.9719%
 2019 WA Gravity Enduro #2Margaret River, WAU133216 / 4388%6:33.676:03.338.4%n/an/a
emoji_events2019 WA State Series #1Nannup, WAU131451 / 5100%2:05.332:05.330%1:43.3121.3%
emoji_events2019 WA Gravity Enduro #1Pemberton, WAU133213 / 3694%9:48.939:26.534%n/an/a
 PDMBC - WA State ChampsWellington Mills, WAU1914510 / 1110%2:19.351:56.3619.8%1:47.5529.6%
emoji_events2018 WA State Series #6Yarloop, WAU13741 / 5100%2:32.602:32.600%2:08.9018.4%
emoji_events2018 WA State Series #5Chittering, WAU13741 / 3100%2:17.452:17.450%1:52.8521.8%
emoji_events2018 WA State Series #4Mt Clarence, WAU13741 / 7100%1:40.281:40.280%1:23.9719.4%
emoji_events2018 WA State Series #3Wellington Mills, WAU13741 / 5100%2:38.842:38.840%2:00.4731.9%
emoji_events2018 WA State Series #2Nannup, WAU13743 / 550%3:12.303:10.231.1%2:11.7945.9%
 2018 WA State Series #1Yarloop, WAU1374DNF / 40%n/a2:55.40n/a2:10.15n/a
 2017 WA State Series #5Yarloop, WAU131454 / 525%4:05.543:05.4132.4%2:35.9057.5%
emoji_events2017 WA State Series #4Golden Grove, WAU131452 / 575%2:30.322:12.5213.4%1:50.6235.9%
emoji_events2017 WA State Series #3Wellington Mills, WAU131453 / 660%2:26.272:07.0615.1%1:44.3240.2%
emoji_events2017 WA State Series #2Wellington Mills, WAU131452 / 783%2:47.732:32.589.9%2:04.1735.1%
 2017 WA State Series #1Mt Clarence, WAU131455 / 843%1:56.231:42.6213.3%1:22.5140.9%
 2016 WA State Series #1Mt Clarence, WAU133325 / 843%2:10.161:48.0020.5%1:18.6865.4%
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