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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
2021 HSBC UK | XC National Series #2Sunnybank FarmExpert132Stockport Clarion CC14 / 2546%n/a2h08:32.80n/a2h02:51.85n/a
2018 British Cycling MTB XC #5Royal Welsh ShowgroundExpert359Stockport Clarion CC9 / 2364%1h19:41.001h14:10.007.4%1h33:46.00-15%
British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '18Hadleigh Park30-39263Stockport Clarion CC8 / 2672%1h20:30.001h14:41.007.8%1h20:01.000.6%
2018 Midlands XC #5Eckington WoodsExpert12Stockport Clarion CC2 / 988%1h25:47.001h21:13.005.6%1h21:13.005.6%
2018 Midlands XC #4Rother Valley Country ParkExpert10Stockport Clarion CC6 / 938%1h27:04.001h24:27.003.1%1h24:27.003.1%
2018 British Cycling MTB XC #4Phoenix Bike Park, KentfordExpert509Stockport Clarion CC16 / 3252%1h35:18.001h27:59.008.3%1h34:47.000.6%
2018 British Cycling MTB XC #3GlentressExpert359Stockport Clarion CC12 / 2859%1h37:02.001h27:12.0011.3%1h37:10.00-0.1%
2018 Midlands XC #2Parkwood SpringsExpert320Stockport Clarion CC6 / 1255%1h26:33.001h21:47.005.8%1h16:08.0013.7%
2018 British Cycling MTB XC #2Dalby ForestExpert112Stockport Clarion CC15 / 3862%1h27:53.001h19:55.0010%1h33:22.00-5.9%
2018 Midlands XC #1Swynnerton Old ParkExpert11Stockport Clarion CC8 / 1859%1h35:54.001h27:34.009.5%1h27:34.009.5%
2018 British Cycling MTB XC #1Sherwood PinesExpert102Stockport Clarion CC11 / 4376%1h39:39.001h34:55.005%1h45:47.00-5.8%
British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '17Cannock Chase30-39312Stockport Clarion CC4 / 1477%1h49:34.001h42:47.006.6%1h43:07.006.3%
2017 British Cycling MTB XC #4Dalby ForestExpert109Stockport Clarion CC14 / 2852%1h31:17.001h21:09.0012.5%1h36:03.00-5%
2017 British Cycling MTB XC #3AskeExpert111Stockport Clarion CC10 / 2664%1h33:07.001h27:45.006.1%1h34:48.00-1.8%
2017 Midlands XC #3Cannock ChaseExpert17Stockport Clarion CC5 / 1264%1h27:47.001h20:49.008.6%1h16:43.0014.4%
2017 British Cycling MTB XC #2WasingExpert114Stockport Clarion CC15 / 3458%1h47:56.001h39:01.009%1h33:59.0014.8%
2017 Midlands XC #2Swynnerton Old ParkExpert11Stockport Clarion CC5 / 950%1h40:35.001h36:02.004.7%1h28:56.0013.1%
2017 British Cycling MTB XC #1Pembrey Country ParkExpert122Stockport Clarion CC19 / 3038%1h47:22.001h38:53.008.6%1h46:01.001.3%
2017 Midlands XC #1Sherwood PinesExpert23Stockport Clarion CC10 / 1950%1h43:58.001h37:06.007.1%1h51:53.00-7.1%
2016 British Cycling MTB XC #5Cannock ChaseSport430Stockport Clarion CC7 / 3381%1h44:03.001h32:53.0012%1h40:52.003.2%
2016 Midlands XC #6DudmastonSport114Stockport Clarion CC2 / 2896%1h10:15.001h09:56.000.5%1h19:27.00-11.6%
British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '16Cathkin Braes Country ParkSport434Stockport Clarion CC2 / 1089%1h12:11.001h07:31.006.9%1h43:10.00-30%
2016 Midlands XC #5EastridgeSport148Stockport Clarion CC4 / 2688%1h19:59.001h17:40.003%1h31:07.00-12.2%
2016 Nutcracker Altura XC #4Parkwood SpringsSport939256567Stockport Clarion CC5 / 2583%1h33:21.001h28:27.005.5%1h32:34.000.9%
2016 Midlands XC #4Eckington WoodsSport169Stockport Clarion CC4 / 2386%1h13:17.001h10:08.004.5%1h15:57.00-3.5%
2016 Midlands XC #3Harlow WoodSport216Stockport Clarion CC6 / 3485%1h17:35.001h15:54.002.2%1h36:12.00-19.4%
2016 Nutcracker Altura XC #2Dalby ForestSport824Stockport Clarion CC5 / 4090%1h41:25.001h32:53.009.2%1h41:31.00-0.1%
2016 Midlands XC #2Cannock ChaseSport255Stockport Clarion CC3 / 3895%1h12:21.001h09:04.004.8%1h29:56.00-19.6%
2016 Nutcracker Altura XC #1WhinlatterSport722Stockport Clarion CC4 / 4793%1h25:22.001h21:15.005.1%1h22:13.003.8%
2016 Midlands XC #1Sherwood PinesSport281Stockport Clarion CC6 / 5190%1h23:32.001h20:36.003.6%1h53:37.00-26.5%
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