2019 100% Mini DH


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4 races found

DateRace Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
27th Jan 2019Round 1 (Corkscrew) photo_library videocamForest of Dean27753.87s (Ethan CRAIK)1:05.79 (Rosy MONAGHAN)
17th Feb 2019Round 2 (Flatland/…) photo_library videocamForest of Dean2531:32.52 (Archie BOX)1:48.54 (Aston TUTT)
17th Mar 2019Round 3 (Ski Run ⇨…) photo_libraryForest of Dean2641:03.47 (Jono JONES)1:23.66 (Becci SKELTON)
1st Dec 2019Round 4 (Ski Run) photo_libraryForest of Dean2921:03.19 (Dec WILLICOMBE)1:16.54 (Jenna FELLOWS)
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