2019 NW Cup


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DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
7th Apr 2019


Round 1 photo_library
(2019 Pro GRT, Round 2)


Port Angeles, WA




2:28.40 (Charlie HARRISON)


2:55.71 (Kialani HINES)


5th May 2019Round 2 photo_libraryPort Angeles, WA4262:21.00 (Demetri TRIANTAFILLOU)2:40.76 (Claire BUCHAR)
26th May 2019Round 3 photo_libraryMt Hood, OR2923:28.57 (Jason EISWALD)4:12.29 (Claire BUCHAR)
16th Jun 2019


Round 4 photo_library
(2019 Pro GRT, Round 4)


Tamarack Bike Park, ID




2:50.05 (Neko MULALLY)


3:22.14 (Claire BUCHAR)


14th Jul 2019Round 5 photo_libraryStevens Pass, WA3512:15.73 (Weston POTTER)2:34.88 (Claire BUCHAR)
4th Aug 2019Round 6 photo_librarySilver Mtn, Kellogg, ID2762:19.60 (Chris KOVARIK)2:44.95 (Claire BUCHAR)
25th Aug 2019Round 7 photo_libraryWhitefish Mountain Resort, MT1603:12.32 (Colter BARNETT)3:31.62 (Chloe BEAR)
8th Sep 2019Round 8 photo_libraryStevens Pass, WA3852:22.07 (Rhys EWING)2:33.62 (Claire BUCHAR)
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Renthal Cycling
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