2019 Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro


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DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
5th May 2019Round 1 photo_libraryDiamond Hill, RI27710:19.37 (Max BEAUPRE)12:55.14 (Rachel PAGEAU)
19th May 2019Round 2 (EWS Qualifier) photo_libraryGlen Park, PA26514:35.59 (Adam MORSE)18:03.22 (Kayla MORIN-BLANCHETTE)
2nd Jun 2019Round 3 photo_libraryThunder Mountain, MA24422:10.61 (Samuel THIBAULT)27:49.10 (Ellen NOBLE)
23rd Jun 2019Round 4 photo_libraryBlue Mountain, PA21318:13.91 (Adam MORSE)22:33.72 (Rachel PAGEAU)
7th Jul 2019Round 5 (EWS Qualifier) photo_libraryBurke, VT27517:40.82 (Alex MCANDREW)21:45.92 (Ella MCANDREW)
14th Jul 2019Round 6 photo_libraryPlattekill, NY10513:05.40 (Adam MORSE)17:44.10 (Marine LEWIS)
21st Jul 2019Round 7 photo_librarySugarbush, VT17417:34.20 (Steve ESTABROOK)22:08.13 (Marine LEWIS)
4th Aug 2019Round 8 photo_libraryKillington, VT23525:50.48 (Kory NAGY)29:07.91 (Mazie HAYDEN)
18th Aug 2019Round 9 photo_libraryPlattekill, NY8915:17.75 (Saben ROSSI)21:04.51 (Kayla MORIN-BLANCHETTE)
8th Sep 2019Round 10 photo_libraryGlen Park, PA13214:42.35 (Seamus POWELL)17:40.92 (Lauren BREZA)
29th Sep 2019Round 11 photo_libraryMountain Creek, NJ16716:59.33 (Seamus POWELL)21:23.40 (Sarah HOWERTER)
6th Oct 2019Round 12 (EWS Qualifier) photo_libraryThunder Mountain, MA22728:26.20 (Seamus POWELL)35:40.80 (Sarah HOWERTER)
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NS Define 150 1
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