2019/20 Woodland Riders winter


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DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
6th Oct 2019Round 1 (HSD) photo_libraryGawton1411:30.41 (Jay WILLIAMSON)1:50.11 (Natasha BRADLEY)
3rd Nov 2019Round 2 (Proper Job) photo_libraryGawton1441:13.16 (Jay WILLIAMSON)1:31.42 (Amy JONES)
1st Dec 2019Round 3 photo_libraryGawton1331:27.65 (Jay WILLIAMSON)1:45.68 (Ebony WEBBER)
26th Jan 2020Round 4 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1341:07.09 (Jay WILLIAMSON)1:25.78 (Meghan HARRIS)
8th Mar 2020Round 5 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands9258.12s (Jay WILLIAMSON)1:10.39 (Ebony WEBBER)
Misspent Summers: DH & Enduro yearbooks
Misspent Summers: DH & Enduro yearbooks
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