2019 CORC DH


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Date Race Venue CompetitorsMen's FTD Women's FTD
28th Apr 2019Round 2 - Thredbo Chainless ChampsThredbo, NSW1508:13.63 (Steph FICOVIC)9:12.41 (Tegan MOLLOY)
24th Mar 2019Round 1Majura, ACT591:17.90 (Kye A'HERN)1:32.99 (Sian A'HERN)
11th Aug 2019Round 5Kowen Pines, ACT421:24.64 (Tim EATON)1:59.44 (Amanda NORTH)
30th Jun 2019Round 4Stromlo, Canberra, ACT392:21.67 (Tim EATON)3:10.20 (Claire WHITEMAN)
20th Oct 2019Round 6Majura, ACT231:15.10 (Tim EATON)1:55.60 (Amanda NORTH)
9th Jun 2019Round 3Isaacs, ACT211:44.99 (Mitchell BENHAM)2:37.23 (Amanda NORTH)
1st Dec 2019Round 7Stromlo, Canberra, ACTCANCELLED
WTB Judge tyre
WTB Judge tyre
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