2020 North American Continental Enduro Series


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DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
15th Feb 2020


Round 1


Bootleg Canyon, NV (USA)




23:33.11 (Cody KELLEY)


27:42.32 (Andréane LANTHIER NADEAU)


8th Mar 2020Round 2 - Tenness Enduro Windrock, TN (USA)15921:13.90 (Shane LESLIE)26:45.20 (Frida RØNNING)
20th Jun 2020Round 4 - Sun Peaks EnduroSun Peaks, BC (Canada)CANCELLED
4th Jul 2020Round 5 - Sea Otter CanadaBlue Mountain, Collingwood, ON (Canada)CANCELLED
26th Jul 2020Round 6 - Maxxis ESCMountain Creek, NJ (USA)CANCELLED
22nd Aug 2020Round 7 - Northstar EnduroNorthstar, CA (USA)CANCELLED
17th Oct 2020Round 3 - Lobo EnduroMexico City (Mexico)CANCELLED
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