2020 Fox Superflow


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12 events found

DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
11th Jul 2020Round 1Awaba, NSW3637:24.10 (Ryan GILCHRIST)8:29.70 (Zoe CUTHBERT)
18th Jul 2020Round 2Nerang, QLD36811:16.90 (Jack MOIR)12:57.10 (Lisa MATHISON)
8th Aug 2020Round 3Jolly Nose, NSW2688:38.00 (Jack MOIR)10:26.00 (Zoe CUTHBERT)
22nd Aug 2020Round 4Castle Hill, QLD3125:54.00 (Ben FORBES)7:01.80 (Catherine O'NEILL)
19th Sep 2020Round 5Douglas, QLD10116:46.00 (Patrick MORRISON)18:59.10 (Iona ANDERSON)
26th Sep 2020Round 6Stromlo, Canberra, ACT4517:00.10 (Ryan GILCHRIST)7:53.30 (Sian A'HERN)
11th Oct 2020Round 7Mackay, QLD598:08.40 (Aaron HUTTON)14:45.40 (Rebecca STEELE (QLD))
17th Oct 2020Round 8Ourimbah, NSW3156:59.80 (Graeme MUDD)8:13.70 (Zoe CUTHBERT)
14th Nov 2020Round 9Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW3995:00.80 (Ryan GILCHRIST)5:46.20 (Zoe CUTHBERT)
28th Nov 2020Round 10Mt Joyce, QLD11115:04.50 (Jared GRAVES)18:47.00 (Rebecca POOLE)
TBARound 11Silvan, VIC-
TBARound TBAMt Taylor, VIC-
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