2020 WA Gravity Enduro


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DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
29th Feb 2020Round 1Margaret River, WA4889:15.35 (Roly KYME)10:49.11 (Melanie MOTHERSOLE)
1st Mar 2020Round 2Dunsborough, WA3528:41.16 (Jayden FRASER)11:03.13 (Storme GREEN)
12th Jul 2020Round 3Mt Brown, WA37311:23.31 (Roly KYME)14:38.54 (Heidi STRICKLAND)
9th Aug 2020Round 4Goat Farm, WA36711:02.49 (Jordan PROCHYRA)
13th Sep 2020Round 5Evedon Lakeside Retreat, WA36313:34.83 (Jordan PROCHYRA)
11th Oct 2020Round 6Chittering, WA34911:30.26 (Jordan PROCHYRA)14:29.97 (Storme GREEN)
8th Nov 2020Round 7Pemberton, WA-
29th Nov 2020Round 8Linga Longa Bike Park, WA-
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