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2006 CRC NPS

Series' website: http://www.npsdownhill.co.uk/

5 races found
Date RaceVenueCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
9th Apr 2006Round 1Rugog Farm2562:47.32 (Gee ATHERTON)3:36.84 (Helen GASKELL)
14th May 2006Round 2Innerleithen3173:41.32 (Marc BEAUMONT)4:03.58 (Tracy MOSELEY)
11th Jun 2006Round 3Pen-Y-Bont-FawrCANCELLED
13th Aug 2006Round 4Caersws2392:07.55 (Marc BEAUMONT)2:27.75 (Rachel ATHERTON)
24th Sep 2006Round 5Fort William3274:12.63 (Marc BEAUMONT)4:53.94 (Tracy MOSELEY)

Series standings

R&R doesn't maintain the standing for this race series. If you think we should, email moc.niardnastoor#retsambew| or talk to the race organiser.

Renthal Cycling
Renthal Cycling