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2022 Grassroots Enduro Series


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4 events found

DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
24th Apr 2022Round 1 Keeper Hill, Co. Tipperary (Ireland)2217:06.23 (Ben WILSON (sen))8:15.19 (Leah MAUNSELL)
8th May 2022Round 2 Bree, Co. Wexford (Ireland)2256:38.01 (Youen HORNER)7:58.60 (Michelle MULDOON)
26th Jun 2022Round 3 Cahir, Co. Tipperary (Ireland)1877:11.10 (Jason MURPHY)8:36.89 (Leah MAUNSELL)
18th Sep 2022Round 4 Shronaboy, Killarney, Co. Kerry (Ireland)2117:45.82 (Shane O SULLIVAN)8:12.79 (Leah MAUNSELL)
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