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2023 iXS Downhill Cup


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6 events found

DateEvent Venue Competitors Oveall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
21st May 2023Round 1 Winterberg (Germany)533Phil ATWILL1:36.88Nina HOFFMANN1:50.50
28th May 2023Round 2 Willingen (Germany)453Henri KIEFER2:00.04Nina HOFFMANN2:10.25
2nd Jul 2023Round 3 Steinach (Germany)377Johann POTGIETER2:06.83Lea KUMPF2:31.28
30th Jul 2023Round 4 Ilmenau (Germany)401Gilles FRANCK1:56.73Justine WELZEL2:23.75
20th Aug 2023Round 5 Tabarz (Germany)352Nico LAMM1:52.53Lea KUMPF2:24.51
1st Oct 2023Round 6 Bellwald (Switzerland)373Simon MAURER3:26.74Eliana HULSEBOSCH4:03.52
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