2009 Inside Line SA Series


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6 races found

DateRace Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
5th Apr 2009Round 1Willunga, SA2192:05.55 (Craig YATES)2:35.78 (Emily HOCKEY)
26th Apr 2009Round 2Mt Torrens, SA2211:31.24 (Troy BROSNAN)1:49.35 (Sarah BOOTH)
10th May 2009Round 3Fox Creek, SA2402:35.07 (Dave WEST)3:09.89 (Sarah BOOTH)
13th Jun 2009Round 4Fox Creek, SA1512:31.08 (Todd FOLLAND)3:43.57 (Sarah BOOTH)
5th Jul 2009Round 5Bennetts, SA1672:16.54 (Dave WEST)2:43.62 (Emily HOCKEY)
13th Sep 2009Round 6Willunga, SA2132:29.82 (Connor FEARON)3:03.19 (Emily HOCKEY)
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