2014 Phat Wednesdays


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DateRace Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
28th May 2014Round 1 (B-Line ⇨ ...)Whistler, BC2245:29.16 (James MCSKIMMING)5:56.05 (Claire BUCHAR)
4th Jun 2014Round 2 (Ninja Cou...)Whistler, BC2463:39.10 (Remy METAILLER)3:56.58 (Claire BUCHAR)
11th Jun 2014Round 3 (Upper Ang...)Whistler, BC2213:17.46 (Remy METAILLER)3:32.38 (Claire BUCHAR)
18th Jun 2014Round 4 (Fantastic...)Whistler, BC2132:30.70 (Chris KOVARIK)2:50.36 (Claire BUCHAR)
2nd Jul 2014Round 5 (Funshine ...)Whistler, BC2522:44.25 (Chris KOVARIK)3:00.45 (Claire BUCHAR)
9th Jul 2014Round 6 (Schleyer ...)Whistler, BC1972:23.50 (Jack ILES)2:53.25 (Katrina STRAND)
16th Jul 2014Round 7 (Duffman ⇨...)Whistler, BC1634:54.14 (Chris KOVARIK)5:31.22 (Claire BUCHAR)
30th Jul 2014Round 8Whistler, BC1082:16.47 (Chris KOVARIK)2:39.57 (Claire BUCHAR)
27th Aug 2014Round 9 (A-Line)Whistler, BC2364:30.40 (Nick GEDDES)4:56.16 (Claire BUCHAR)
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WTB Judge tyre
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